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  1. shes not leveling...she would fold it and I guess I'm the only one who agrees with her
  2. obv play em differently....i play the $215 more like a $600 freezout and the $3 rebuy is just for fun to go all in every hand till i have 15k.....and the level of play is night and day obv
  3. i wanted to see if it was a consensus....it is.....so end of story
  4. This was a bad call only because he didnt realize you werent a good enough player to be shoving lighter. Had he realized you werent good enough to shove light he would have folded. dude...I have more winnings on stars than you in 1/4th the amount of trnys
  5. why not? I have 5 final tables and a win in a few months of playing it...its my best trny by far as for my shoving range, I guess I was exaggerating when I said the only hand he had beat was KQ suited.....but still, hes behind in more hands than not
  6. ok the consensus is that its standard as hell.....id say its a borderline bad call....agree to disagree...GL guys
  7. 1 14 BBs but whos counting....and yes I understand shove ranges and I think his range of aces should start at like A7, not A3
  8. lol I guess i'm the only one who disagrees with this call.....interesting
  9. i disagree.....with 17 left i can find better spots to steal blinds and accumulate chips then shoving into one of the chip leaders with air in a SB BB situation where he has a very wide calling range....just to win 4.5 k in chips
  10. yea well basically, with no thought process, he saw an an ace in the BB to a SB push, had an orgasm, and insta called
  11. PokerStars Game #23040586337: Tournament #127009081, $100+$9 Hold'em No Limit - Level XV (1000/2000) - 2008/12/18 17:53:39 ET Table '127009081 22' 9-max Seat #8 is the button Seat 1: SlippyJacks (180604 in chips) Seat 2: greatkaspy (40310 in chips) Seat 3: ITTA (33185 in chips) Seat 4: Heggis (66080 in chips) Seat 5: PokerStein72 (54415 in chips) Seat 6: stinkyB74 (25345 in chips) Seat 7: guid78 (33009 in chips) Seat 8: stpauli111 (89294 in chips) Seat 9: Coastal Fish (28295 in chips) SlippyJacks: posts the ante 200 greatkaspy: posts the ante 200 ITTA: posts the ante
  12. this is easy....i use it every time Eye of the Tiger http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HHWS0H2JqSU
  13. Worm1120


    wtf happened to this guy?.....i remember back in the day he used to run shit on stars
  14. yea no way.....the flop bet was small so the guy called going for his backdoor flush (idiotic i know).........then on the river, he put the guy on a stone cold bluff terrible poker but definitely possible
  15. also like the idea of a nightly 100 cubed.... cosign
  16. Worm1120

    100+R bankroll

    I agree....I've played the stars 100r about 20 times and have 3 FTs...if you play solid you can find success in them.....as far as the bankroll goes, 20k is enough for me
  17. doesn't look like this is gettin anywhere but if it does.....i'm game
  18. lol @ you defending one of your "favorite online players"
  19. was at the final table and it was clearly a slowroll.....plus he added to his douchebaggery by saying "BOOOOOOOOOOM" after he knocked me out instead of your standard "gg" ty RIPCURL for beating him heads up

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