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  1. My name is Luke Doolittle and I am selling for the $10,000 WSOP Main at 1.2 markup. Playing Day1C Monday no matter how much I sell. You can buy using youstake.com (link below) or you can PM me for paypal/venmo. Either way, standard tax procedure for any cash that net profits 5k+ (need tax info or 30% would be withheld). I have plenty of references if you need some. Thanks and GL at the tables.

    Youstake - https://youstake.com/projects?PID=1241

  2. great thread

    1) play more Live tournaments

    2) play more Live cash games in the afternoons

    3) maintain a strict daily workout schedule

    4) study more

    5) 100k+ total profit for the year

    6) take at least 1 day off from poker for every week of the year

  3. My name is Luke Doolittle and I'm selling at 1.1 for the $3500 RRPO Main 2 Mill GTD this weekend at Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL. I play mostly online but my Hendon-Mob page is linked to my p5s profile. A great structure + plenty of satellite winners give this trny some nice value.

    Structure - https://www.seminolehardrockpokeropen.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/2015-RRPO-Event08-Championship-Event.pdf

    2% - $77

    5% - $192.50

    10% - $385

    Standard tax procedure for any cashes that net 5k+ in profit. Would need tax info (name, SS #, addresss) or 30% would be withheld....If you need references, just PM me. I have a list of online and live players who can vouch that I am trustworthy. If i can sell 60%, I'm playing flight 1B this Saturday (11/29). If i can't sell 60%, pieces will immediately be refunded on Saturday. If action is sold outside of this thread, I will update it.

    I accept Paypal or Venmo. 2% min. PM me for details. Thx.

  4. Have not received response from WPN/ACR re my inquiry: PLEASE can WPN keep a players' chat turned off after a player turns off their chat? I play the higher entries hoping to minimize playing with the nasty whiny clueless/classless player. IMO WPN seems to attract them and these mental midgets believe such behavior is positive vs. giving info. that they are exploitable. I note these players as I hope to adjust to play them, then turn off their chat -- AGAIN -- prefer not wasting time and would appreciate WPN fixing this glitch. Thank you.



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