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  1. Thanks for the link!! Very much appreciated!!
  2. Anyone got the link to watch this for free? Thanks
  3. Yo we played at the 10-10 at Parx together

  4. Those are some huge qb differentials...Manning 551 Brees 514 Brady 477 Rodgers 446 Rivers 443 Foster 432 Schaub 388 Ryan 379 Manning 371 Vick 365 top 10 RBs Foster 432 McCoy 301 AD 298 CJ 296 Hillis 294 Charles 294 DMC 283 Rice 280 Forte 275 MJD 257 How is Vick so low compared to Peyton??? Looking at these scoring drafting a elite qb 1st round is a must....
  5. Is it going to be on espn again? j/w because i'm about to fill up all 10 slots with leagues lol
  6. i'm in for megaleague, $25,$50, or/and $100 Def. prefer just standard scoring then all this 2 qb ppr shenanigans... I got paypal or Carbon to ship $$ pm me with info thx.
  7. The regular season champ helps prevent any sort of possible collusion in which a team that has already secured his playoff spot may: sit his starters out last week and let one of his "buddy" win since it doesn't matter to him and thus possibly costing someone else a playoffspot...
  8. It is just preference. Espn is easier to use to me. I've done both.
  9. Sign me up. I love fantasy football and have participated in OT FF in the past. I can ship on Paypal or Carbon Poker PM me with league details.. ~Competitive ~Prefers Auctions ~In for stakes $25-$200
  10. You should keep your words when you say your going to do something. If you don't then w/e people in the future won't trust or do business with you and it's bad karma. If your really going to pay someone for the name then here is mines: The Bagel Pantry.
  11. 1-God of War III (PS3) 16-Super Scribblenauts (DS) 8-Donkey Kong Country Returns (Wii) 9-Epic Mickey (Wii) 4-Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood 13-Halo: Reach (360) 5-Call of Duty: Black Ops 12-Fallout: New Vegas 2-Mass Effect 2 15-Plants vs. Zombies (360) 7-Gran Turismo 5 (PS3) 10-Madden NFL 11 3-Red Dead Redemption 14-Dead Rising 2 6-Fable III (360) 11-NBA 2K11
  12. Nice FT finish on Carbon 50k.
  13. If this gets passed then next players will want breaks for 9 man then 6 man then headsup because they will give the same reasoning of multitabling 20+ diff tables and need a break instead of sitting for 3-4 hours solid.
  14. 1st ask yourself if your having fun. Then ask yourself is the time you invest in playing worth the money your currently winning/losing.
  15. Chess is harder to master imo because: In poker you can employ a very basic strat playing 20 tables at a time and be a winner.
  16. One should quit anything once one has lost the joy and enthusiasm of doing it.
  17. Whens the draft date and is it a snake or auction.
  18. Any chance for any of these leagues to have their drafts before this sunday?
  19. Resilient is trustworthy. Just shipped it Magicfeather on stars
  20. I'm def. interested if the draft is THIS Thursday. What are the payout values if it gets to 10/12.
  21. What about people in vegitative states? They still got there brains although it may be damaged. There soul is probably still in their body, but can they still think?
  22. Crap! Is there any room left or is it all filled? :(
  23. I disagree with this logic.. If you only reraise with the nuts or nothing you're really polarizing your range and good players will catch on to that... Anyways, by raising flop it can help save you money instead of flatting then seeing a scare card then being confused... By reraising the flop right away you'll kno whether he has a big pp or not which can help you 1. Save money if he has a bigger pp and 2. Helps prevent him from catching on you in case he was c-betting with kq or ak.

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