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  1. keep grinding and don't worry about the first win. Play every hand the best you possibly can and let the smoke clear. No reason to add any pressure to yourself in this game.
  2. A vote? Dude you need to call the number on the gamblers pamphlet. what u described was what every pro desires to be at there table. A loose fish with no chance at winning. The 300$ pay check and playing 10/25 cent isn't realistic. yeah i know i played like that cuz im dumb and was on mad tilt
  3. u playing on revolution as well or just merge?
  4. He took down the PS 50k, Ipoker 25k and PP10k plus a ton of other final tables. When he puts in volume he rapes the game!! Congrats buddy!! His P5 http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/ss-tp/
  5. sexy new badge sir!

  6. well said Langer. I guess all that college did payoff. Awesome! We need more please!
  7. can u transfer $$$ on bodog yet? Can u transfer on minted? How challenging is it to get a transfer. merge has a bunch of stipulations like time played on site etc.
  8. Dude he looked scared sh*tless. Like he was afraid he was gonna get beat up! We lie in the bed we make!
  9. man the dude in the 1 seat is getting hammered. Dude is straight crushing beers!! GL JY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!
  10. Its 140 bones i mean tbh I am down 4 whatever. let swish play the binions/nuggets 1ks or something imo
  12. unfortunetly sircrafty the guys who moved already are not helping by offering any info in this thread. basically this thread has almost no relative info on moving to Canada. I'm not sure why, but thats the truth about the current info provided.
  13. obv easier than stated in this thread since jy is up and running in Canada within 3 days!! Wp imo!
  14. obv jy made the Canada switch fast. He apparently plays out of Toronto now.
  15. ya obv cancelled :( The $$$ issue is a wait and c I would assume as I don't believe transfer , or cashouts are going to happen :( This sux!
  16. 12.)Check-call limp draws oop/odds= This comes from all the times i am oop after a limped pot and lead out on a draw and get re-poped! Most of the time this is pre ante;where i want to see a draw as cheap as possible in a limped pot! Are you saying you are limping, or limping behind with draw type hands? Hard to tell from the verbage, but I would consider never limping in first, or behind. If you have a draw type hand iso raise the limper so you can win the pot without hitting the draw. Otherwise I would consider this spewy and you will loose chips overall doing it. Maybe complete th
  17. Ship the 3k super turbo on ftp!!! Another small one, but as I said b4 a win is a win!! :)
  18. Had it ok'd b4 running the contest so we are getting one for sure. I sent a pm to a mod to see where we are at and I am waiting on a reply. I will update this thread as soon as I know. I am sure it will e up shortly.
  19. last team with no name/lmk wut u want Team #4 1.playchipgod 2.Nugamn 3.Tedstrecth 4.Kodykirlinko

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