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  1. going to vegas with some friends for a few days on Sunday ...I've been before, but haven't played a lot of cash games there sooo besidies the Rio, what are other good places on the strip that have good poker rooms? Venetian? Caesars? ... for anything from 1/2 ...2/5... 5/10? ...just curious to know what hotels/casinos have decent games to play for a casual night of poker... and if anyone has any recent experiences or input it would be appreciated! Thanks
  2. yes, same problem for me ...i can't log in without the update ...and it won't let me update either
  3. can't you just get stars to fedex u a check? ...maybe that's only if its above a certain amount ...for smaller amounts i usually just echecks or insta-debit ...but i haven't tried recently my question is ...does this mean FTOPS is cancelled? ..i'm sure this has been covered already, but there's so many pages of posts to scroll thru, I was looking forward to it all last week, is full tilt disabled for everyone? it won't let me load an update
  4. ugh ...so it's 2:45 am pacific time ...I can't sleep, I spent most of the day grinding this thing ...and ended up finishing 109th out of the 59k runners ...but now I am sitting here watching people making a deal for a potential 1.6 mil ...ready to vomit lol those 2 extra flips might've come in handy anyway ...they're 9 handed, about to agree to a deal, everyone has agreed and out of no where this zeurrr guy who is 4/9 is a micro stakes grinder with an avg buy in of 3$ and is demanding 150k more (650k from his original 500) ...smart deal making skills? ehhhh maybe lol ...but it's creating an interesting argument, the altered payouts range from 263k to almost 900k which definitely takes away some of the intrigue away but ...at a table like this, how can u not? looks like they've finally talked him into agreeing but ...with 9th getting 40k and winner getting 1.65mil ...and the structure the way it is ...itll be interesting to see who gets the short end of the stick ...I guess that's all part of deal making ...but atleast the lambo is still up for grabs? lol MBN
  5. it's good that way ...all the other wcoop events and ftops are super deep ...one event with a little more gamble, it keeps it fun ...deal with it
  6. anyone have a link to watch it online? i know it aired earlier tonight... any recommended sites?
  7. sorry if repost but does anyone know if there's video or anything like that of the final table today? can it be payperviewed?
  8. everything is paused? it logged me out, nothing is working...i better be refunded...i had alot of money invested in tournies...this is so frustrating!
  9. may have had a decent shot at this if i didnt play/run so terrible after february lol, my vote goes to NeverScaredB
  10. Archem

    100r wtf spot

    im a call station but id probably look him up...i mean if hes shoving a Q...thats kinda weird...but possible, 10 is obvs unlikely, prob KJ or AJ or something...maybe 77 88 99...u have the chips, i think its worth a look
  11. anyone found this online yet? if its up a link would be awesommmmme
  12. ya, im from vancity and a huge canucks fan...i would love to see some proof, or is this a known fact that this is his ps account?
  13. sorry if repost, but i can't seem to find a link of this thing online anywhere, anyone got one?
  14. sorry if its a repost but does anyone have a link of good quality 2009 main event video?
  15. not you again lol....god you're an idiot
  16. just finished reading Matusow's book, thought it was a good read and I'd recommend it to alot of people, just curious if anyone knew any other good books out there about the live's of poker players
  17. lmfao at this post...unreal, if it were that easy, everyone would be doing it
  18. congrats on all the success dude, i know i've played with you in some mtt's b4...and i recall your g/f/family/sunday mil story, glad to hear everything has worked out well...but my question is, when will i FT the sunday mil?
  19. 2 words of advice, run.......good
  20. the registration is still open lol, i've never seen so many ppl in it, is this normal now?
  21. nice work dude, congrats!
  22. r u serious?!?!? i love that tourney
  23. o man, i needed a good laugh, sick video... pretty much sums up my life, sigh
  24. Archem


    i ran into him in a heads up match awhile back, and he asked for my msn because he recognized we lived close to one another, i've never talked to him since then tho, and maybe a good idea i didnt, but obvs not going to judge i don't really know the guy... hopefully you get your money back...just a total prick move if its true, stealing/not paying someone back is the lowest of the low imo, yes it's risky if you don't know someone personally, but there are som guys (p5ers) i've played with online that i have borrowed/swapped funds with and it's never been a problem, again sorry to hear about your situation, hopefully it all works out

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