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  1. hey all... selling for 1 bullet in borgata $3500 main on monday at 1.286 MU. 1% $45 5% 225 10% 450 Need to sell about 50% to run it. lmk if if interested.
  2. Would be nice to get to 20 guys so the draft portion will be more interesting. But that's just my 2 cents
  3. 1k double play 250k guar starting 2morw @ borgata tho
  4. ur def thinking of the wrong person .... kid is the most sarcastic egotistical poker player ive ever met. not to mention overrated imo. def rubbed me the wrong way. he should prob trade in his "super" ego for "super"system and hit the books.
  5. thx guys ... i appreciate support from all of you guys with helping me keep my head up during that god awful downswing.... def couldnt have done it without the help of all my friends
  6. of course im in the minority .... but im looking forward to it
  7. maybe his favorite position is utg (under the gags)
  8. kinda surprised theres not a 10r 100r 1000r thats not turbo or big antes..... but overall the schedule looks really good
  9. not a bad sunday tho ..... grats buddy
  10. had the same question.... just didnt wanna be the 1st to ask haha
  11. more $ = more exciting good logic imo
  12. ok .. on a serious note.... yea i think a daily 50r would be nice.... but i feel that a tourney starting @ the mid levels would shy away the fish and it would be pretty reg infested ... ohhhh and tilt ... plz give us a sunday 100r .... thx
  13. lol @ all these ideas to "buy" them shit to keep the girl off ur back.... man the fuck up and tell them how it is .... if this is ur job then they knew what ur schedule was like getting into a relationship.... they either need to deal with the hours or gtfo .....
  14. y do we want him folding worse hands pre ?
  15. was gboro sporting his FTOPS jersey ? we need to know this before we go any further with analyzing this hand ....

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