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  1. http://www.pokerstars.com/poker/room/features/security/token/
  2. MDG0RD0N


    maybe you're not thinking enough
  3. FWIW: From http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/showpost.php?p=23595002&postcount=45.
  4. MDG0RD0N


    Congrats on your $9,024.84 cash, Gags.
  5. FYP /nitpick :) Not quite, since the utility function is still concave between $1.6M and $2M, not linear.
  6. Shoving is pretty exploitable here too.
  7. FYP WizardOfAhhs had 2.78M as of the 12th. Here's his blog on FPP Pro: http://fpppro.com/blogs/needbeer/index.php
  8. Kev it's just a file right? If so I can send it to you over AIM.
  9. Instead of moving from $6's to $11's, move from non-turbos to turbos. =)
  10. TLR: hey ME: sup man TLR: not much u ME: wcoop turbooooooooo TLR: nice TLR: me too ME: cool coo, how's AC? TLR: pretty good TLR: just got done with the ME TLR: QQ ME: sighhhh TLR: any way you can help me with somethin man? ME: ya what's up? TLR: my dad's birthday is wednesday and I need someone to send the $ to the wholeseller for me so they can ship his gift overnight I'll pay someone $150 to go do it for me ME: uhh, iight, what do i have to do? TLR: well are you playin right now? ME: ya, still in wcoop TLR: crap TLR: you know anyone who can visit a location for us? ME: where at? TLR: whats your zip ME: on LI, i'm sure i could find a place, what's the name of it? ME: plus i'm almost busto anyway lol TLR: well TLR: I need the zip code TLR: to find a location TLR: there are thousands lol TLR: long island? TLR: hold up ME: k TLR: whats your home zip code ME: 11597 TLR: how far you from smoke stax on north broadway TLR: or stop n shop on west old country road ME: like 10 min? TLR: could you go there now? TLR: I'll call them to make sure they do it ME: where is it, at stop n shop? TLR: yea you just fill out the form ME: ok TLR: whats your cell? ME: you have it lol TLR: not anymore ME: lol wat? TLR: I lost all my #'s recently lol TLR: it sucks TLR: 438 #'s down the drain :-( ME: run better TLR: yea I'm still pissed TLR: I posted it on FB TLR: someone made a group for me TLR: for everyone to post their #'s lol ME: meh i must've missed it ME: can u hit me up on fb actually? TLR: um? TLR: you think this isn't me TLR: wow ME: aim spazzing out TLR: no it isn't TLR: jesus ME: lol wat? TLR: just cause I want your phone # aim is spazzing out TLR: I guess forget it man ME: fine fine ME: $150 sure TLR: ? TLR: You're acting ignorant ME: lab u for real right now? TLR: are you? ME: bro ur asking me for the favor, i have no prob doing it TLR: I asked you for a favor and when I asked for your cell you get spooked ME: b/c u know where to get my cell lol, just seemed odd TLR: dude TLR: wtf TLR: it isnt easier to get it directly from you?? TLR: no? yes? TLR: lol TLR: quit being difficult ME: lol yawn TLR: you ok matt? ME: ya i'm good ME: when was the last time we saw each other? TLR: aruba or pca ME: o rly? TLR: lol TLR: didn't think you wanted to help me TLR: oh well nbd ME: lol k, diagf ME: http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/lab-rats-aim-hacked-596332/ TLR: lol TLR: u fuckin looked TLR: u fuckin moron TLR: suck a dick TLR: november 4th is a bad day for u ME: hudhudhud TLR: im gonna murder ur family ME: doubt ur real TLR: the whole gordon family TLR: trust me TLR: ur goin down matty ME: anything else? TLR: u willl see TLR: hope u enjoyed ur 19 years of living ME: + 10.5 months tho TLR: keep being a jackass TLR: u wont be when i arrive
  11. Even though he can have a ton of other hands, he probably has JJ.

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