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  1. So there have been some set backs in my life recently but I am just trying to move forward!
  2. Getting back into grinding MTT on FullTilt can really be annoying sometimes. I am ready to make some scores!!!
  3. I am here, chillin at the Red Roof Inn lol. Will be playing on Sat. table 19, seat 4...........AAHallum
  4. I was at the Hard Rock all day yesterday and never heard anything about them adding 80 more seats. There is a alternate list but thats it to my knowledge. On Sat. im at table 19 seat 4. Gl all............AAHallum
  5. I know I just flew down here Tue. night and there are people that are selling their seats still. They want like $2500 im hearing not too sure though. I just bought my seat after registering online and there was like 90 some people that registered over the phone. So if they dont show up, there is a good chance that the alternates will get the seats. As far as 27 not showing up, gl man. If none of you guys have ever been here the room is kinda a joke in many ways. Like you cant eat in the poker room, if u expose one of your cards on accident in the tourney u have to sit out for one complete rotation, all the cash games are $100 max buy in, the line is in effect ect. Just a few things that suck. Gl to everyone thats playing...........AAHallum

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