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  1. what $$ did the marlins spend this offseason? other than an extension to johnson which was a no brainer...also why is salary cap thing overrated
  2. my thoughts and prayers r with u bud
  3. why do u respond.. ur not answering my question i could give a fuck what ur opinion is on what u think people r complaining about or for what the test is for. obv u have no usefull info stfu and gtfo
  4. anyone have experience using any of the shampoos for a hair test? if so what worked and what didnt...any other solutions? thanks
  5. solid interview jeffrey...noonie says glgl and she's got a big kiss for u when u get back with her half of the 2 mill
  6. GL ROUND42

    gogogoogo frank tid one time
  7. sounds like a "tough spot" bru
  8. craftsteak at mgm is legit was just there. they specialize in kobe beef we had a bunch of peeps so we did the family style it everything was the nutz
  9. i agree with alot of what lil spadezy says at any other level of basketball u def want the points more times than not good D wins, but ya if im facing kobe or kobe jr (aka lebron) more times than not they r hitting it... the nba player is to good offensively that the D almost doesnt matter
  10. dude talkn bout the chimney starter is dead on...its what the pros use and recomend u use no lighter fluid and burns the coals evenly to provide the perfect fire everytime and is very simple to use
  11. i herd he still has more magic the gathering fnl tbls
  12. considering this all started from a botchd chop that wretchy sooo badly needed a cpl extra k...wouldnt u have rather saved the headache of this shit and sold one of ur dozens of 1k sweaters
  13. congrats always good to see uw oshkosh is well represented
  14. i think bowling would take less time and effort to b a pro
  15. what do u feel ur better at live or online? what was better winning the warmup for a 100k or 2nd in the series for 400k? why r u so good on stars and soooooo very bad on tilt? can a 14yr old do ur job? who is the best magic the gathering player u know? how does my ass taste?

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