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  1. You're drawing dead pre anyway cause I run like God in this tourney ul
  2. One important thing all of you have overlooked, which justifies a push here: If you lose you can finally go to bed
  3. yes absolutely look how long event #5 lasted. nobody plays optimal after 21 hours straight. Should def be a day 1 and 2
  4. yeah that was sick but it was like 200-400. so damn close this time :( oh well gg
  5. 32nd in mill PokerStars Game #10606827484: Tournament #52913271, $1000+$50 Hold'em No Limit - Level XXI (7500/15000) - 2007/06/24 - 23:51:50 (ET) Table '52913271 105' 9-max Seat #4 is the button Seat 1: DHUSTLER15 (580534 in chips) Seat 2: Bill Ivey (387445 in chips) Seat 3: Tired Loser (346903 in chips) Seat 4: loooser17 (632297 in chips) Seat 5: torkolort1 (141600 in chips) Seat 6: mini1 (510880 in chips) Seat 7: rvk2415 (552635 in chips) DHUSTLER15: posts the ante 1500 Bill Ivey: posts the ante 1500 Tired Loser: posts the ante 1500 loooser17: posts the ante 1500 torkolort1: posts the ante 1500 mini1: posts the ante 1500 rvk2415: posts the ante 1500 torkolort1: posts small blind 7500 mini1: posts big blind 15000 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to torkolort1 [Qs Qd] rvk2415: folds Bill Ivey said, ":)" DHUSTLER15: raises 28000 to 43000 Bill Ivey: folds Tired Loser: folds loooser17: folds torkolort1: raises 97100 to 140100 and is all-in mini1: folds DHUSTLER15: calls 97100 *** FLOP *** [Kc Ah Jc] *** TURN *** [Kc Ah Jc] [Kh] *** RIVER *** [Kc Ah Jc Kh] [Jh] *** SHOW DOWN *** torkolort1: shows [Qs Qd] (two pair, Kings and Queens) DHUSTLER15: shows [Qh Td] (a straight, Ten to Ace) DHUSTLER15 collected 305700 from pot see ya in another life
  6. tork


    Just ship the guy directly to top 10. No need for the slow climbing So Bjowned
  7. some jerk has created an account on ftp which looks just like my nick, only he has put a capital "i" instead of "L". He's around on different tables, asking players i they can trade money. So if you see torkolort asking for money, just tell him to fuck off and get a life. ty tork
  8. siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick CONGRATSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. Yes, I became suspicious once he showed resistance on the flop, but I had to make a decition real quick because there is no timebank at pokerroom. I almost got my hand folded and then just made a hasty reraise. After that I felt pretty much committed with all the money in and that I in fact had second nuts. I think it was a very tough hand, because I had to take a lot of factors in consideration. First of all, I think I have an edge on most of the other players, because many of them are qualifiers, and there's a lot of scared money. This edge also increases a lot because of the deep stacks and long blind levels. But I think that I beat a lot of the hands my opponent could have in this spot. He could easily have JJ/QQ or even KK, and KQ/KJ/QJ, maybe AK. I include all these hands in his range because 90% of the players in this tournament are very passive preflop and many of them have a loose calling range. Also, if I win this pot I will have about 80k chips with avg 24k and almost guaranteed to survive to the next day. But I'm still in uncertain about what would be the right play here..
  10. This is a very deep stack tournament with 10k starting chips and 30 min levels. The tourney lasts for two days, and first flight lasts for 6,5 hours. After 4 hours was in 3rd place with 38k on blinds 200-400 when this hand came up. He has the one hand that beats me, but I'm wondering if I could prevent from losing all my chips since we are so deep. NO_LIMIT TEXAS_HOLDEM $1,000+$40 (Real Money), #254,666,161 Grand Tournament XII Multi Table Tournament, 28 Apr 2007 6:16 PM ET Seat 1: Bob-In-Tokyo ($48,354 in chips) Seat 2: Jessieland ($47,114 in chips) Seat 3: gandalf12_FR ($12,563 in chips) Seat 4: mortens22 ($24,885 in chips) Seat 5: KUKPELLE ($10,810 in chips) Seat 6: torkolort2 ($37,913 in chips) Seat 7: domo32 ($33,179 in chips) Seat 8: VLSD ($11,082 in chips) Seat 9: badnews000 ($6,399 in chips) Seat 10: Ace-hai ($9,590 in chips) ANTES/BLINDS Jessieland posts blind ($200), gandalf12_FR posts blind ($400). PRE-FLOP mortens22 folds, KUKPELLE folds, torkolort2 bets $1,100, domo32 folds, VLSD folds, badnews000 folds, Ace-hai folds, Bob-In-Tokyo calls $1,100, Jessieland folds, gandalf12_FR folds. FLOP [board cards KH,JC,QD ] torkolort2 bets $1,700, Bob-In-Tokyo bets $5,555, torkolort2 bets $12,555, Bob-In-Tokyo calls $8,700. TURN [board cards KH,JC,QD,2S ] torkolort2 bets $18,590, Bob-In-Tokyo bets $32,999 and is all-in, torkolort2 calls $3,968 and is all-in. RIVER [board cards KH,JC,QD,2S,9D ] SHOWDOWN Bob-In-Tokyo shows [ AS,10S ] torkolort2 shows [ 10C,9C ] Bob-In-Tokyo wins $10,441, Bob-In-Tokyo wins $76,426. SUMMARY Dealer: Bob-In-Tokyo Pot: $86,867 Bob-In-Tokyo, bets $48,354, collects $86,867, net $38,513 Jessieland, loses $200 gandalf12_FR, loses $400 mortens22, loses $0 KUKPELLE, loses $0 torkolort2, loses $37,913 domo32, loses $0 VLSD, loses $0 badnews000, loses $0 Ace-hai, loses $0

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