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  1. I was in a situation where I didn't hear about BF until 5 days after. First of all, I have played online poker 3 years previous to BF. This was my only source of income and up until 3-4 months prior I played on my own dime until I began being backed. Not claiming to be a professional by any means, but playing poker was something I put a lot of time and effort into and I thought I would play for many years to come. Anyways, BF came a day before my wedding, therefore rehearsal dinner was the night before. Between my 20+ friends and my 6 groomsmen who knew about BF, agreed to keep it a secret from me that night and the entire wedding day. About 10-15 of my friends who attended the wedding are consistent or casual online players. I was so busy those few days that I never went online, or tried to go on any sites to learn about this news. Not only this, but I left for my honeymoon the morning after the wedding. It was not until my 3rd day in Maui, laying by the pool with my wife, drinking a nice tall Vodka tonic, where I received a call from my father-in-law only to break the devastating news. I am not going to go into to detail about how I felt at that moment, but I was crushed about the where, when, how, and whom I heard this news from. I realized I was going to leave my honeymoon with no job. Since then I am fortunate enough to have a father who owns his own roofing company and was able to begin work right away. Instead of using my Health Education degree, I decided to join the family business with my father and brothers. I went to work right after BF and tried to keep my mind on staying focused at work and enjoying time with my wife. There were and still are those nights I get the itch, where I feel like I would do anything to play a session. If I were single and did not own a home, I would have taken whatever money I had and move out of the country. Though I try and put poker in the rare view mirror, the few years I played online full time were some of the best experiences of my life. I met, played, and learned from some great players, but didnt have the bankroll, talent, or resources to take my wife and continue my poker career live or out of the country. I obv miss it more than anything, but am at a place in my life where i can no longer dwell on it.
  2. Have 500-1k FTP (chinut11) Need 500-1k PStars (peanut111) Please pm if interested
  3. Need 1-2k ftp (chinut11) Have 1-2k Pstars (peanut111) Please pm if interested
  4. Smooth and quick transfer with jugi v, will trade with again
  5. need 2k on ftp (chinut11) have 2k on stars (peanut111) send pm if interested..... will only trade with past successful trades
  6. I mean come on, obv I have profited from poker, maybe not significantly, that depends on your definition of how much is significant,or else I wouldnt be getting married. We own a home together and she works full time. I mean of course she'd rather have me have a more steady and stable profession, but she knows its not gonna happen now and had accepted it. Now if you find a woman that will never ever ever bitch about you playing poker professionally then yo u must be g fucking boro. 8 years is a long fucking time so we have been through our share of disagreementsand I dont know how stupid you can be to think that a woman would say yes to marriage even though you dont profit from poker and dont have any other stable income. I mean are you in a long term relationship or have you been since playing poker full time? If so, how is or was it, if not then wtf are you commenting for? Nut
  7. Bro you are way out of your element here. For one you know shit about me or my relationship except that we occasionally argue about one's profession. I dont know what world you live in, but in my world, 100% of couples argue and a lot of the times has to do with one's profession. Also in response your "old saying," like I said we have been together for 8 years and that ship has sailed. She already changed me from a drunk and drug user with no goals and ambitions to an occasional drinker with many goals and aspirations. She knows that this is what I want to do and will continue to do until I feel it is time to stop. I understand what you are trying to say but to single out my response w/o knowing shit is absurd. It is your opinion so it is what it is, but next time think twice about commenting on something you clearly know nothing about. I mean any dumbass could say that marriages dont last because they argue or "the little BS doesnt go away," as you put it, which means that every married couple you know must be perfect. So Dr. Phil, obvioulsy you dont know much about long term relationships, or you just get owned by every girl you try and bring home. But whatever, I am trying not to start shit but you made it so hard not to. So fck it gl to you. Nut
  8. I have been with my fiance for 8 years now (engaged only few months) and honestly it is rough at times. I believe a woman who does not play poker will never truly understand poker as a profession. Trying toI mean I am fortunate enough to find someone that does accept me playing poker b explain downswut at the same time, the majority of our arguments have something to do with poker. I am not going to say that its easy to have a gf or live with a gf if u play poker full time because obv thats just is not true. My advice is to always be honest because if not ur gonna end up getting fucked someway. I mean lets be honest women our smarter than we think and will find out sooner or later. Overall i think it can be + or -ev pending the person and their gf, but if she seems to fuck up your game, get rid of the bitch, imo. Fwiw I dont think shes ever been on this site, therefore would never read this. Nut
  9. Obv this goes down during my 6 month ban, fml stars!
  10. From one lurker to another, welcome
  11. Have 500-1k ftp (chinut11) Need 500-1k stars (peanut111) Please pm ASAP if interested
  12. Need 200-1k stars (peanut111) Have 200-1k ftp (chinut11) please pm if interested
  13. Jy- Have you ever dished out a transfer to the million of railbirds/beggars on FTP? If so how much, if not, how many times a day do the railtards harass you for a $5 transfer? Nut
  14. Yea mondays are sweet at times, but it is def difficult to get motivated to play if you just got your ass kicked on Sunday. But if you get enough sleep Sunday night, Mondays are great for grinding. But if you really dont feel like playing on Mondays especially after a rough Sunday, it is also a great day to take off and relax.
  15. Ryno4203/base4203 if he stops raping live cash games and switches to mtt's full-time
  16. Last week b2b ft's in the 35k on ftp... 1st and a 4th, but dont think i have many more if any
  17. Had successful 1k trade with d00dcx, was fast and easy. Would def trade with him again.
  18. need 500-1k on stars (peanut111)\ have 500-1k on ftp (chinut11) please send pm if interested, ASAP would be fantastic
  19. need 500-2k on stars (peanut111)\ have 500-2k on ftp (chinut11) please send pm if interested
  20. need 500-1k on stars (peanut111)\ have 500-1k on ftp (chinut11) please send pm if interested
  21. Originally Posted by BigStack Husker My girlfriends brother has offered to take like 50% of my action in tournaments if I ever want to play one. Says he likes to gamble but doesnt have the patients for poker tourneys. I want to do it but I kinda dont because Id hate to not cash and lose his money. Id sorta feel bad about it and thats why so far I havent taken him up on his offer. rofl
  22. need 500-1k on stars (peanut111)\ have 500-1k on ftp (chinut11) please send pm if interested

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