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  1. sup FTP plants? doubt they're real and yeah, obv I'd play if we all got our money back, there's completely new ownership, there was proof of segregated accounts being in place w/ reliable cashouts, support, etc
  2. he's definitely one of the best, if you understand poker at all it's pretty tough to disagree...congrats dude
  3. No, that's an awful idea. For like 954254 reasons. It's the closest thing poker has to a 'perfect' tournament when taking into account buy-in, structure, field-size (already 4-5x the 2nd biggest 10k, PCA) and perhaps most importantly, field-strength.
  4. I'll be playing most days between May 27th and mid-July, either at wsop or venetian. http://twitter.com/#!/JCohen130
  5. This is a pretty crushing blow, really dont know who I'll turn to for support going forward. The kind of relationship he and I developed over the years went far beyond the semi-annual posts, the unreturned emails, the 57 times I've been denied rakeback, and the late night support chats that were ohhh sooo supportive. Some may wonder how I will replace the void FTPSean is leaving in my life, and that's a tough question. I guess I'll have to buy a pet hermit crab or somethin...
  6. Sorry to hijack this fascinating discussion, but... Myself and most people I've talked to seem to staying in the US at least through the WSOP, and then reevaluating after July. Some have moved to Canada, Central and South America, and Europe, whereas some are considering moving to one of these places after the WSOP. Most people I've talked to have a vague idea what direction they're going to take post-WSOP, but they also maintain that these plans could change if they were to bink something significant this summer. I have no idea what I'm going to do post-WSOP. I might consider moving somewhere in Central or South America for a few months, but as of now I'm planning on staying in the US.
  7. def agree, seems like a logical no-brainer addition in order to remain a relevant community for US players
  8. this OP and anyone giving even the slightest shit about this are just trying to get attention, and have no fucking clue what's going on post-Black Friday. UB shutdown transfers. There's a decent chance they're going bankrupt. People have HUGE sums of money on there, and they're trying to find a way to get their money off before it's literally STOLEN from them by UB. Way to tattle tale on the most irrelevant issue imaginable in this day and age. WHO GIVES A FUCK?!?!?
  9. Favorite Online Poker Memory: 2nd in the FTOPS 100r in Feb '10 for $85k, which was about 4x my previous biggest score at the time iirc. The Mini FTOPS HU SO was quite enjoyable as well. Least Favorite Online Poker memory: It's all kind of a blur, which I'm pretty sure is a good thing at this point...will save me heaps on therapy. All time favorite MTT: FTP 30k 109 6-max and SCOOP/WCOOP (never had much success in them, but figured it was only a matter of time.....welp...) Best things you did with your poker money: N/A Worst things you did with your poker money: N/A Favorite everyday feeling you might get from poker: When I've been deep in something big and realized I had just tangibly improved, and was probably playing the best I had ever played at that very moment. Feeling good about a session regardless of results because I knew I had missed zero spots and made every correct decision. Watching friends get life-changing scores. Least favorite everyday feeling you might get from poker: Days/Nights when I'd FT bubble 4+ MTTs and break even. Losing internet (nothing made me feel more helpless and like more of a fish) Never wanna see at your tables again: DuckU, thestein, Bax
  10. I'd definitely be interested in organizing players to make a significant public statement, I was mainly responding to people saying 'you guys haven't done anything drastic yet, wtf is wrong with you apathetic pussies?' I totally get how a well-organized, peaceful public statement that garners significant media attention would help raise awareness about our plight.
  11. ummm, no, not close, you're doing it wrong, etc. And to Andressoprano and others talking about how apathetic the online poker generation is. There's definitely some truth to that, but the current range of reactions to Friday's actions isn't a good example of this apathy (or at least, it isn't a good example yet). Many of us are in shock about what happened and the resulting life consequences, and each person deals with this in their own way, and at their own pace. I mean, it's 3 days later, we're all still assessing the damage and attempting to come up with contingency plans for the coming weeks, months, and potentially year(s). Being reactive, "rioting"/taking to the streets (lol) would be an absurd way to handle this. If there's one thing many of us share (besides a fondness of herbal remedies and a lack of exposure to sun), its an ability to think creatively and rationally to solve problems...and to varying degrees, I believe that the current situation will test and demonstrate this ability in all of us. A huge part of poker is picking your battles. Online grinders taking to the streets against the US Federal Government isn't exactly practicing good game selection, especially when they control hundreds of thousands of dollars of leverage against us. It would be one thing if we all had control of our money, but that's not the case, and it makes this an even more unbalanced fight. Just some food for thought before jumping to the conclusions and judgments about a large, diverse group of individuals who are dealing with a crisis as best they can.
  12. welpppppp...guess this explains FTP's recent barrage of METs...wp
  13. ha, i did consider that...but it was already unbelievable enough to me as it was, so I didn't think it was necessary to embellish for affect
  14. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand it's gone edit: ok, it's back, wasn't in the lobby 15 mins ago
  15. when my session ended last night, I checked my account balance and saw: ...and then this 1k shit happens. As if we needed further proof that FTP is the devil.
  16. Sounds like the kind of guy who thinks he knows it all, but has no idea how much he doesn't know. Agree w/ what Gags and Siola said. Let's just say I don't mind having him at my tables.
  17. alright, thought there might have been more to it than that, forget i asked. thanks for replying, and gl in the upcoming ftops/scoop/wsop season edit: and you're welcome for the image post ;)
  18. This hand was from the 100r 6-max ME this past FTOPS. I and several others who saw this were left scratching our heads. From one nit to another, I'd be really interested in hearing your thought process from this hand. If you don't remember, that's obv understandable...and I'm not posting this to bitch, we all take beats, shit happens, etc. Just seemed really weird and uncharacteristic from you. Full Tilt Poker Game #28065106886: FTOPS Event #10 (217140635), Table 95 - 500/1000 Ante 125 - No Limit Hold'em - 01:16:13 ET - 2011/02/10 Seat 1: curiousg87 (36,941) Seat 2: JMaster130 (41,709) Seat 3: Joseph Cheong (66,816) Seat 4: Kadabra (54,311) Seat 5: sketchy1 (46,288) Seat 6: mjh01222 (33,848) curiousg87 antes 125 JMaster130 antes 125 Joseph Cheong antes 125 Kadabra antes 125 sketchy1 antes 125 mjh01222 antes 125 curiousg87 posts the small blind of 500 JMaster130 posts the big blind of 1,000 The button is in seat #6 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to JMaster130 [Ah Kd] Joseph Cheong has 15 seconds left to act Joseph Cheong folds senseisnail (Observer): he was staked for this tourney Kadabra has 15 seconds left to act Kadabra has requested TIME Kadabra folds sketchy1 raises to 2,000 mjh01222 folds curiousg87 folds JMaster130 has 15 seconds left to act JMaster130 raises to 5,085 sketchy1 has 15 seconds left to act sketchy1 raises to 46,163, and is all in JMaster130 calls 36,499, and is all in sketchy1 shows [9s Ts] JMaster130 shows [Ah Kd] ... sketchy1 wins the pot (84,418) with two pair, Tens and Fives
  19. ok, i guess i didn't understand why they voided them before, I thought it was more of a discretion thing than a minimum entries by start time. I just think that there are other, better ways to fix this tournament on a more permanent basis than making it ME. See my previous post for those suggestions.
  20. well yeah, it makes sense from FTP's perspective obviously, but that's why I made the thread...to explain from a (or several) player's perspective(s) why the 100c isn't a good fit for a ME nightly going forward. It's really lame that, because they didn't meet the guarantee a few times, they decided that making the 100c a 2x ME would solve everything. I'd much rather them either... A. make it a $69+6 cubed B. lower the guarantee C. ask the people who play it daily for their specific input/suggestions. How bout this for an idea, Doug: -keep the nightly tournaments as single entry (40k, 33k, 75k, 25k, etc), possibly changing the 100+9 cubed to a 69+6 cubed. -add a $109 ME Freezeout that starts at 18:30 server time, and has late reg open through level 8 (60/120) which would allow players to register through/after the 19:55-20:00 break. -this extended reg would allow you guys to slap a decent guarantee on it without fear of constant overlays...I don't see why this couldn't clear an 80k gtd every night.
  21. lol wut? Is it still a pathetic c-bet if both villains fold? Seems a bit results oriented. DG may be insane, but he does seem to know how to put people in tough spots with a fairly well-balanced range. If I were in your spot, the river decision would depend almost entirely on history. I try to balance my hero-ing range vs him as well as possible.
  22. I could get behind the idea of making the nightly tournaments such as the 75k or 40k 2xME, but making what's arguably the tournament with the toughest field of all FTP nightlies 2xME is a horrible idea. Compounding the error is the fact that the 100c's guarantee didn't get raised. Making this tournament a 2xME with a 33k gtd makes it just about unplayable. Holler if ya hear me.

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