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  1. What's up fellow poker players? I just wanted to share with everyone that I will be streaming high stakes online poker tournaments on Twitch in hopes of raising donations toward Hurricane Otto victims in Costa Rica. Stop on by and feel free to ask me anything while watching me play the biggest tournaments on the internet. Soon, I will be giving out free cash and prizes to a few lucky winners who help share our message. Hope to see you soon!
  2. Poker books are very outdated. I would recommend http://www.runitonce.com if you are interested in MTT strategy. It's also very good to watch cash game videos as well, since most MTT players are not nearly as competent post flop as cash game players. Also, they are just overall better poker players. Knowledge is power!!
  3. Tell me all of these posts are just a sick level to the rest of the P5's community. These posts just can't be serious...
  4. Don't think I've ever claimed to pwn anyone when flopping top set before. Come back to us when you win a hand with 8 high.

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