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  1. Thanks for all the kind words guys, feels amazing! :)
  2. Didnt see this until now but thanks everyone, all the wellwishes really means a lot to me :)
  3. Congrats Jordan, don't think ive ever seen anyone Improve their game so fast you are ridic tough to play against.
  4. mementmori


    Spin you are a disgrace to anyone that plays poker online as a profession and human beings in general. But if you wanna ruin your chances of meeting up with some of all the awesome regs that you play against every day, a chance of a real sponsorship and just in general being disliked by the community because you have no emotional control be my guest. But don't berate fish that clearly have no idea what they are doing and actually listens to you when you tell them they are awful at poker, they are the only reason you are still making money.
  5. The whole idea that slowrolling is alright because a group of people decide to do it is such a poor argument and is more just a testament to the herd mentality on sites like p5 and 2+2 than anything else. I can see why random would do it to try and look cool but cmon you are supposed to be a professional. Docsands once made a very good post about why pros shouldn't slowroll somewhere here on p5 wish I could find it. You berated a guy one week ago when we are the final two tables of a 30r and someone in a chatroom told me about a similiar incident around the same time, maybe it's just coincidence and the two times you have done it lately or maybe it isnt, dosent really matter either way. I have never seen Bry berate or slowroll randoms but if that's true then yeah I would def say I have lost some respect for him. I mean this is where you are just all wrong Chris. I dont know you, I have never met you and there is a good chance I never will. You have never done anything to me personally (besides apperently winning a lot of pots) I just despise how you act at the table not only for what it does to everyones bottom line but also how it portrays young online players who make a living playing this game, not because im a "hater". Regardless I do apologize for posting that in your sweat thread, that was definitely inappropriate Rankings have almost nothing to do with who the best is.
  6. First of all I find it hillarious that your post is about the lack of class I display yet most of your post is about pointing out how I was brought up. Also the argument that slowrolling against recreational players is alright because everyone is doing it (and everyone isnt) is such a dumb logic that I can't even believe you brought it up and if that's the best argument for your case it really does show just how weak it really is. The irony of this is that you keep bringing it up but I already adressed it immediately after where I said that regardless of my opinion it was a mistake to post it here.
  7. Already said I shouldn't have brought it up and instead you quote me so now I feel the need to respond to this one last time. He might be the nicest guy in the world irl and I get he is a part of the p5 community but he does a lot of slowrolling against recreational players,berates random and in general just act really douchey at the tables so no it's def not a character I have any interest in rooting for, also lol at the notion that anyone desserves anything in poker that has to be one of the biggest misconceptions about the game.
  8. Sure are but I shouldn't have mentioned it in this thread. Gl to all the heroes that are still in :)
  9. Sent all of mine to Africa so think this is a great idea. +1
  10. asked him today he said it was just for the week while they renogitate his contract
  11. Obviously, anyone who plays to make the most money possible would be stupid not to.
  12. Lol awesome thread but man a lot of people are failing pretty hard.
  13. Obviously I don't know your exact situation I was merely saying that the information you provided were a really good argument for why not to get backed (hope I still get invited to the wedding though :D )
  14. This is all reasons why you can't afford to be backed.
  15. Depends on how you define reg, if you are talking about people who play the WU/Brawl/750k/Mirrion on a regular basis then it's WAY lower.
  16. Contrary to everyone else I think checking QQ back some % of the time against a reg is perfectly fine although it is probably the most unnessecary kind of hand to do it with, however for Rjules to have a C/R range ott seems really bad and extremely unnessecary against anyone competent to me.
  17. Great post roks I agree with everything you said, I might write an essay when im done with my session.
  18. Since the rankings have extremely little to do with who is the good at tournaments obviously a lot of the ranked players are broke.
  19. I posted this on 2+2 last night but I feel this is an important issue and as many people as possible should know about this crossposting it here. lright this is gonna be a bit lengthy but I need to write this down while I remember it all in clear details. This might not be a smart post to make by me, I might be burning some bridges, get unpopular with some people or even banned from the casino (this sounds absurd, but after you have read what I have to say it might not seem so far fetched). For the last couple of days I have been playing the Partouche Poker events at the Palm Beach casino in France. In those days I have seen or heard about the following incidents: 1) Jordankickz and Tmay420 had signed up for day 1 but were removed from it because a bunch of pros including Matusow arrived last minute and decided to play day 1 instead of day 2 and since there was a cap on day 1 jordankickz and tmay got booted so the pros could play. The tournament director offered them a meal at a nice restaurant as compensation. 2) I have several times seen french players showing each other their cards as they mucked as the last person in the hand without the dealer forcing them to show. I have heard of several times during the tournament where non-french players have done the same thing and has been forced to show their hand. 3) A danish player went on break on day 1 with 43k in chips and had 33k when he got back. They had noted the chip counts right before the break and checked the cameras afterwards yet nothing was done about it. Everyone else who has been here probably has their own story to add and while nothing of this is very relevant to the story it should give you an idea of what kind of casino we are dealing with. So on to the incident in question that happened a couple of hours into todays sideevent. My table consists of Michael Binger, Jonathan (rookiekkqq), an unknown non-french guy and five french players. A french player and the unknown is in a huge hand on a 2238r board. French guy leads out for 2k, non-french guy makes it 5,7k and the french guy makes to 13k leaving around 20k behind effective. After non-french guy has tanked for a minute an older french guy calls the clock on him and the dealer agrees that he has sufficient time for his decision. Floorman comes over and without saying a word starts clocking him. When there is ten seconds left he starts the countdown and I protest telling him that he should count in english instead of french since the guy clearly dosen't speak the language. Floorman goes "trois, two, one" and between the two and one the non-french guy throws in a pile of 5k chips putting the other player all-in. Other guy SNAPmucks putting his hand over the line and after five seconds or so the non-french player turns over A7o for a complete bluff, and this is where things starts to get crazy. After staring at the board for like 5 seconds the french player now puts his hand BEHIND the line again and claims that the other guys hand is dead because he didn't react in time and the floorman counted to zero, which is obviously total bull**** since the floorman didn't say a word. Me and Binger starts protesting but all of a sudden the four other french players at the table AND the floorman agrees that his hand is dead and starts stacking the pot up and shipping it to the french player. Me, Jonathan, Binger and the non-french guy all starts protesting loudly and appealing to call someone with more authority because the ruling is terrible and downright cheating. Four-five men in suits comes over and discusses the hand for 10 minutes in french (none of them speaks english) and even though we try to argue and protest they somehow rule that the french player now has the option to call off his chips AFTER seeing his opponents bluff! The guy calls with ATo (he was NEVER trying to induce with that trust me) and the river is a 6 giving him the pot. At this point we are are absolutely furious and Binger says that it's the most obvious angle he has seen in 10 years of live play and that he wants his money back if they are gonna allow cheating in the casino. At this point EVERY table in the room is watching us and with Binger being the most vocal of us the floormen refuses to answer any of our questions and they end up escorting Binger out of the room. A couple of minutes after we go on break and I find Binger who has gotten his buy-in refunded and a ban from the casino (not sure for how long) simply for speaking his mind. When I return to the table after the break the french player is missing and I ask a floorman (they are still watching our table closely since me and Jonathan are not willing to let this go) why Binger and french guy are both missing. He tells me that Binger has been disqualified (but gives me no further elaboration when I ask) and that the french player got a 14 minute penalty. I try to ask them what rule the penalty is for but they wont tell me but I keep insisting and shouting louder until finally one floorman whispers in my ear that it isn't for breaking any rule but for "unsportsmanlike conduct". I ask them how they can give a penalty to someone they just ruled in favor of but they just keep on ignoring me. Conveniently enough they decide to break our table as the next because me and Jonathan were still speaking about it (even though we weren't even close to being next in breaking order). It's also worth noting that Ruben had a hand that was ruled the exact opposite in the same event where his french opponent threw his cards into the muck on the river faceup and was afterwards allowed to call after Ruben said he had a bluff. I don't remember exactly how it went down though so hopefully Ruben will chime in and tell the story. I don't really expect anything to come out of this but I feel like people should be aware of how (non-french) players are being treated here and I really needed to vent while it was still fresh in my memory. It turned out to be a long post so I might have messed up some of the details, if you have any clarifying questions feel free to ask. edit: including link to the 2+2 thread: http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/61/mtt-community/cheating-accepted-partouche-poker-tour-868424/#post21356428

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