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  1. I would compliment Lonzo and Ingram on their games tonight but it's only one game and we are not allowed to comment on what is happening in the NBA in the NBA thread anymore
  2. I know, am a terrible person for rooting against teams in professional sports and cheering for others. I just feel awful for a 20 year old making like 6 million dollars. Tough life for Lonzo. He has it so hard playing a game for a living. Wish I could be a degenerate gambler like you and Res. Then I'd feel better about myself
  3. Na, I'm not a degenerate gambler who needs to bet on everything. Plus why would I want to cheer for Fultz? I'm sure a lot of people will take that bet with you. You are pretty much giving money away
  4. Lol did you really just compare him to an injured player who couldn't raise his shoulder, refused to shoot and should not have been on the court? Lol college. He literally can't shoot going to his right but college...
  5. I hope you bough stock in Philly healthcare. Team doctor puts cheez whiz in his chili
  6. Is good for a 2nd year player. Tatum is the best rookie
  7. His awful shot can really be blamed on his father too since he was his coach and would never let anybody else coach him Definitely a better stat and also agree that neither is perfect. Obviously. Would take some piss poor literary acumen to not recognize that. 11 percent better than Curry from three though! That will likely decrease tonight
  8. And not being able to shoot How the hell is how many assists starting NBA players average per 100 possessions a cherry picked stat? Using APG is a cherry picked stat Lonzo and Tatum both stand in the corner doing nothing half the time. Difference is Tatum is arguably the best shooter to ever play the game and Ball is definitively the worst.
  9. It is 2017. He is 14th in assist among starters and that does not include Chris Paul. He is the worst shooter the NBA has seen in 30 years. He is shooting 37% which ranks him 182 out of 182 of players with at least 100 FGA this season. To put how bad that is into perspective the guy who is 181st (Smart) is shooting 43%. Nobody in the 3 point era has ever taken 500 shots and been below 41.5% true. There is no way Lonzo continues to be this bad but if he can't shoot in the NBA his ceiling is severely capped and so far he is the worst shooter the NBA has ever seen in the three point era. #bust Have you watched him play? Half of his threes don't hit the rim. It's amazing. Nobody doubts his rebounding and passing but that shot. If you got points for who could hit the backboard the hardest from 23 feet he would be on his way to being an all time great
  10. Dyzalot has been using drugs for years. If reading his posts doesn't convince you not to use drugs then I don't know what God can do.
  11. I'm not in the forefront of advanced stats and in the know of what is next. Am just a casual fan. Using per possession stats and eliminating fg% would be progress though.
  12. that is the important take? LOL and you thought that was worthy to share? BIGGER LOL
  13. Absolutely. It is 2017. Couldn't have said it better myself Also, if people could stop using per game and use /100 possessions would be nice. It is 2017. We don't have to act like the numbers for somebody playing 28 minutes on a slow paced team should be equally compared to somebody playing 32 minutes on a fast paced team anymore. It is 2017
  14. Only for not confirming how ridiculous good IT4 is on offense
  15. +1 but it needs to be for Celtic fans only. Not bandwagoners who have no clue how good Isaiah Thomas is.
  16. If it is dishonest to say how good Isaiah Thomas was last season over 76 games then how pathetic is it to post what Lebron has done through 20 games...I bet you couldn't say Lebron has the highest TS% of his career with a straight face.
  17. I am well aware you inserted the government into the discussion. Also aware that it was pointed out early on that it had nothing to do with the conversation
  18. LeBron turned into a very good 3 point shooter and has been for a while now. Tatum makes 11 percent more of his threes than Curry
  19. I like how Dyz classifies caffeine with mind altering substances and thinks it is the same as marijuana
  20. It happened yesterday. You don't think creating fake stories to attempt to destroy a business is a crime? Businesses have no protection against this? There will at least be a civil case brought
  21. They planted a fake news story to destroy the credibility of a business and influence an election. I think the word you are looking for is criminal, not questionable

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