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  1. When I was at physical therapy after my reconstructive knee surgery... Partly due to the pain and partly because I was worried I would never be able to do anything athletic ever again
  2. Are you saying its absolutely -ev to set mine with 33/44 here or to flat pre with 33/44 here.. Because there is a pretty big difference between the two. I think you know where I'm going with this
  3. SJUHawks18

    99 in 100r

    Completely read dependent
  4. I just don't think you have enough light hands in your range for him to pay you off with anything.... Check/Fold
  5. I kinda understand where you are coming from with the cbet size... but in this case I would like a smaller cbet so that your opponent can have a larger check/raise bluffing range Still not folding as played
  6. Sometimes people wake up with hands multiple times .. Can be frustrating but I don't think you should let that sway you too much. Can't hate a call but I'm pretty sure there are easier ways to get chips in this tourney
  7. These threads are pointless because you never post this hand when you call and win
  8. Clearly the right answer is Wawa or almost any diner
  9. OP seems extremely salty but I have to agree with him, minus slow roll setups ... PM Crzysavage and ask how this move worked out for him in the 50/50
  10. I'll give real answers to real questions ... +1 to jtj, all the hh posts seem results orientated or standard
  11. While we're at ... Can we PLEASE fix the structures of the turbo $216, turbo $50r, turbo fiddy, and turbo hundo... It's really a joke. Only 2000 chip starting stacks in the freeze outs and the blinds go up SOOO FAST, really just takes all the skill out of it Edit: Cosign -- Hate all of full tilt's late structures
  12. Grow up ... Multi entry tournaments are da nutssss Doesn't really matter because all the big multi entry's shatter their guarantees
  13. Wait .. I like where this thread is going Cosign
  14. Reppin JBT449 hard on Cake
  15. You're kidding right? Imagine playing a multi-entry mini ftops along side a multi-entry regular ftops..... sfhksfksghjkhsjkfs

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