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  1. Really don't understand how anyone can say its ok for him to keep it. What's the point of the TOS then if there's gonna be new fine print after every violation?
  2. sick top 100 badge
  3. good idea. Just wait for AA or KK and shove. easy game
  4. have up to 1400 on stars need up to 1400 on tilt tommygunn34 on both, pm me
  5. I'm just going hoping to barrell roulette with MattElsarelli
  6. possibly heading there the 18th or 19th
  7. hope youre still banned so i can have a chance to win now
  8. floor man and "very legit real dealers" for a 1-2 game of beginners. That's real.
  9. yeah structure definitely blows, but the players are extremely soft so its give and take. and depending on how far youre willing to drive, I know a home game about an hour north of bloomington that is definitely worth the drive on Tuesdays/Thursday that I drive an hour and a half from Champaign to play
  10. I gamble and lose so I can keep complaining about running bad. Plus I wouldnt be much of a degen if i took the money.
  11. Having the same problem in Illinois. I know a few of us have been having the problem.
  12. Congrats brother, youre prob moms fav now. I gotta catch up.
  13. have 2k stars need 2k tilt tommygunn34 on both. will do less.
  14. lmk if youre ever adding new teams, id be interested

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