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  1. I posted about this 2 years ago and not a sole cared. http://www.pocketfives.com/f10017/carbon-crooks-640233/#post6362121
  2. Sorry I don't play that high. I'm broke.
  3. If he plans on "naturally" losing up to 10 pounds while grinding his nuts off then that means his mind isn't all there. FISH ALERT!!!
  4. Weekend mornings suck because of this. Just go fishing instead.
  5. Good news for some who were actually stupid enough to have a roll on there.
  6. Any time I get a hand better than trips I piss my pants laughing.
  7. Thats why my wife stays home with my kids.
  8. He read a book and made you all think he was slow. Nice front. Would you feel bad knocking Corcky from Life Goes On out of the main event. Did he cash?? He was pissing you off for 2 hours so it seemed to me he didn't do to shabby.
  9. 2 quarters into $500+ Can't beat dat chit. Nice!!
  10. I wonder how many of you pulled an all nighter waiting for the software to work
  11. Lock Poker took credit for Merge 6.0 then bailed...hmmmm

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