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  1. Really wondering if u and kidcudi could be more withered.
  2. Yo wassup njw, benwa and spotlight? Btw our team name is gonna be Team Barbie Girls and if u don't like it sompas and then kmotl.
  3. I would but I'm traveling if u guys can push back draft till midnight est I'd be in as captain.
  4. Yarks. Buttsauce...you never invited me to sushi :(
  5. Oh hah I don't mind was just saying neither.
  6. Hah <3 u! Can't wait to hang with you this summer.
  7. lol @ bdbeatslayer being a chick.
  8. Yay yes I did! Can't wait to hang with you guys this summer <3
  9. Hi hun!! Can't wait to hang with you in Vegas this summer xx.
  10. Sloppy joes. I made them extra sloppy. I know how you kids like 'em extra sloppy. Wat? Probably butchered that quote but w/e.
  11. Aww thanks you guys are too cute <3
  12. Wonder how pissed Team Benson's Ass is that none of my scores count for midsteaks.
  13. I demand our name on here be changed to Team Benson's Ass. Love, Minko P.S. huad
  14. Ok new team name for us. Team Benson's ass gonna rape.

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