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  1. I jam to isolate after the sb's shoves here. As for 3x opening I think min raise is a better sizing as it gives them more rope to jam with worse hands like smaller pairs and Ax's etc. What was the buy in level? If it's a lower buy in mtt like $22 or under then try opening to 2.25 or 2.5x but you never have to raise 3x utg+1 imo.
  2. I think this is a call. His range here with less then 10bb can be fairly wide so your A 10 can be good or your flipping. He is also +1 utg and the blinds are up there for his stack, so he has to make a move with alot of hands you're not in that bad of shape against.
  3. I think RUIB's range can be super wide after there was already a donk limp utg. You can expect him to be bullying the limper sometimes due to the fact he is playing so weak and didn't raise. I would have definatley played jacks in this spot. Like everbody else said 3 bet it and then you can re evaluate if he happens to 4 bet it.
  4. I like this fold. It's not like you can put him on KK or AA often here but he is probly showing KA or pairs 99 + so your beat pre or your chopping with the same hand. Just such a big overbet shove from him if he just made a normal size 3 bet here to 20 thousandish then surely your going to 4 bet him?
  5. It seems like a standard shove if you have a tight image. I usually like waiting for something a little more marginal but with 10bb you can't be too picky.
  6. Yes that's true and JA can be good in some spots just didn't work out here. Slightly tougher decision when you have little info on him though.
  7. Ya that's a tough spot after you 3 bet him. You do get 3-1 on a call but JA off isn't a great hand to play when 3 bet let alone 4 bet. I think with your stacksize a fold is possible here.
  8. Hello everyone. I just ordered a computer tonight for my online setup. I just want some advised for what programs like poker tracker and training websites to use etc. I am thinking about getting cardrunners for a training site obviously. Also if you want to add your experience with cardrunners or with poker tracker etc. Is poker tracker actually going to do that much for me? Thanks for all your feedback!

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