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  1. It is possible. Head over to you tube and search for HM2 guides. Loads of videos which go into good detail about it.
  2. Thanks Dan. Completed the 50 points. Email sent.
  3. Can I sign up with 888 and claim my normal first time deposit bonus as well as the HM2 promotion with you guys?
  4. Have $30 on Lock (Fredo511) Want $30 on PS (Parky 32) pm if intersted, thanks
  5. Was following the thread over on the 'dark side'. I really don't care if he is 'a great guy' or 'good for the community'. All his cash should be frozen and he should be barred from playing. All of poker has taken massive damage in the last few weeks from numerous and various scandals and until the sites come down hard on these people it will carry on. Its one thing after another, pretty sickening really.
  6. Yes, daily. Click cashier, then history, and you will see respective payments.
  7. Hi Sami How frequently is rakeback credited to one's account? If I use moneybookers to WITHDRAW, can you give me an average amount of time until it hits my moneybookers account?
  8. Hope Rizen can get him banned. Such a scumbag
  9. Mark, I know the guys mean well by saying you should start exercising but you shouldn't until you have discussed this with a professional. Be it a doctor and/or physical trainer. With the symptoms and weight you have you are just as likely to do yourself serious damage. Top of the list-stop smoking.
  10. being so deep I would imagine you are facing a set and he's protecting that, or he could well have the nut flush draw if he is looking to gamble. Or, he is finding out how good his AA/KK is. Peel one off an re-evaluate on the turn.
  11. +1 for Spragg's idea. Really hope titan see's the light and you are compensated accordingly with regard to the extraordinary circumstances. In this 'era' of online poker you would think that the rooms out there would score some brownie points by being accommodating and understanding. It will profit Titan in the long run to honour the seat you won-regardless of their T&C. Have a heart Titan.
  12. What does it matter what it is if they don't honour previous promo's...?
  13. How bout a 'like' or 'dislike' button next to every posting? The total of which is displayed next to the posters name. Another forum I frequent has this and it keeps the trolls away brilliantly.
  14. now 716k. Will use my one time when it reaches 1 milly. GL all.
  15. I care. If they want to play poker then they should stand in line and register with everyone else. Its not a physical game so everyone is on a level playing field, and everyone should compete together. End of.
  16. They should stop having the ladies event in my opinion. There are enough events for everyone to enter-get rid of the ladies only comp.
  17. They can consider all they want. I've just un-installed FTP
  18. http://www.cardplayer.com/poker-news/11597-full-tilt-poker-operations-suspended same news but different channel. Looks like I have lost my $1.10 on ft. GG
  19. rap/rock music makes you drive faster-fact. Someone post if they find the tracks to build big stacks
  20. http://www.subjectpoker.com/2011/06/jack-binion-considers-investing-in-ftp/ More good vibes from this article.
  21. Party would be the next choice for me.
  22. How long are MB cash-outs taking now? Are rake back payments being credited as per the norm to ones' respective account?

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