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  1. sounds like a great plan dude, wishing you all the best. Get itttttttt
  2. cash games are all digital I am pretty sure....
  3. haha, thank you, it's awesome indeed. The best part about it is that my wife has an amazing job which pays pretty heapage and they are allowing her to work abroad for that 6 months so she will be my sugar mama, my cook, and my well you know...while we are there. Should be one amazing 6 months. Just need to decide on a set plan and stick to it! Pura vidaaaaaaa Not sure about the casinos there, certainly not going down there to play live. Rentals are pretty awesome. We found a great place for less than 1k/mo- Hopefully things go pretty well and we can look into buying our own little place so that I can go back and forth to be able to play on the real sites as I please.
  4. Dan, thank you for your thoughts on poker refugees. I did originally plan to use them for my move, but after spending some time researching everything and actually locking down a place to live I felt I could take care of the rest on my own. I also have had great advice from some of the people that relocated there and have been grinding away down there. Hally, tyty, I certainly plan to stay active with p5's. Really looking for more advice on day to day schedule and solid tourneys I should be playing on a 5k, own dime, roll.
  5. With the info you gave on aggro villian, 4b rip pre flop would be my line here... he is 3b folding a huge % I'd say. It's tough for me to give advice post flop as I am likely not going to be in this situation. gg tho, get em next time!
  6. Hello all, I will be headed to Costa Rica April 8th for exactly 6 months strictly to get back up and running on all the great sites that I am not able to play from the US. I have been grinding US sites since black friday with decent success, but am really ready to take it to the next level, or at least to come away with a solid daily routine/schedule as far as what tourneys I should be playing on which sites...I plan to begin this 6 month adventure with a 5k roll and hope to make the absolute most of my 6 months abroad. I would love advice from any successful reg's on which tourneys I should probably be focusing on for a daily schedule. Any and all comments/suggestions/advice is greatly appreciated.
  7. Thank you for your response PDuude- I called Delta and spoke to a sales rep. They claim that if the tower and monitor fit in my carry on, then it should be no problem. I am skeptical, but fingers crossed. As I mentioned in the first post, the tower itself is fairly small, so praying all goes well.
  8. Any personal experiences or advice would be much appreciated... I am moving to costa rica in april next year and am obviously wanting to bring my desktop and monitor with me. It is a much smaller desktop tower than you might be picturing, but am just wondering if it would be ok to put in a larger book bag and bring on the plane with me as carry on. I think I would like to avoid checking it as I would be nervous about having it damaged upon arrival. If you have any thoughts/experiences please let me know. Thank you in advance.
  9. What the hell are you talking about AJyowler?
  10. agree and like everything you said except for the last part.... " I don't think it would be terrible to play these like they're not re-entry, I don't think you'd be giving up too much of an edge." I think the edge that a solid reg has + his/her ability to re enter 4-7 times gives them a very large edge over someone like myself who hates to click that TRY AGAIN button. I guess I will just drop down in stakes and be willing to gamble/fire a few bullets.
  11. Honestly I don't feel like I stand a chance on merge anymore-- With the updated schedule and 4-5 hours of re entry/late registration available, I don't think I have the roll to compete. I think the greedy have gotten more greedy, and those who crushed Maximus or have large rolls can continue to click re register until they are nearly in the money. Combining this fact with the previous rumors of some accounts being "ticket account holders" I just don't feel good about having money on merge anymore. This new schedule/late registration seems very bad for poker to me, and won't take recreational players long to figure out they have nearly no chance at winning in the long run. Would love to hear the thoughts of the biggest reg's on merge. Gl to all
  12. I am very interested, please send me info
  13. Merge 100k

    Could not agree more
  14. So been rewatching the final table, and would love to know wug on the 6b ship over stars pro...I was pretty chubbed, so dont give a man blue balls. One time for the fans...
  15. Enjoyed watching. Thank god they havent stripped me of that right. Well played, congrats! Look forward to more runs. DO WORK COSTA RICANS. :)
  16. I played my first small session on the new lock tonight and I am not going to lie, the structures, starting stacks (2k) and software is absolutely horrendous. I am really in a tough spot too cause i was backed 100% on lock and have no funds at all on merge. Merge def seems like the way better place to play for value...Never thought I wold say this, but wow I miss merge...wtf lock, get your shit together, this is a joke.
  17. Making font smaller might help...
  18. Well put sir. Super tilting read. Best of luck to all scammed.
  19. You never get replied to because you are 100% being ignored... Lets all not be completely naive and remember that Full Tilt shut down right after DOUBLE GUARANTEES...Merge or w/e could all in all just be one last smaller scale ponzi scheme to take a stab at the US market one last time before the Govt either A) shuts it down completely, or B) Realizes that at the end of the day there is wayyyyy too much money to be made from online poker that they can't pass it up, and will figure out a way to regulate it, while obv getting their absolute BIGGEST piece of the pie...I actually just finished a really long article with my thoughts on everything, but can't decide if I want to post it. I would hate to become that guy simply for speaking my mind a little.
  20. I think I have this shit so figured out its insane....
  21. +1-- on a side note, since I see you are an admin wacky, is there anyway I can get my name to show as my LOCK poker name when posting or w/e instead of my dead ass pokerstars name? I'm super jelly. :~)
  22. My only ? is where do I sign up for such a pure deal :~) Gl all in maximus. O and someone also commented on RasberryJammin's pureness, and I'm a +1 there too. Hopefully we all get a lil piece of that run good though. glglglglglgl
  23. also the hh posting that you see might be a lil different from what you're used to...i raised to 17.2k or something, it shows how much more he had to call... just incase you were thinking I made it 14.4 or w.e

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