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    I completely disagree with EDC and the fact he thinks working out is the absolute nut stress relief is completely a personal decision what might be right for some might not be right for others. Obviously working out has positive effects on your life and can relief stress however I am sure for some people that might be the furthest thing they feel from going to the gym already feeling stressed/bad about the situation they are in. However what he said next about balance is truly the key. For me my social life is extremely important in balancing any frustrations that are caused from poker. Back when I use to bust rolls like no other (Highschool) I would constantly be under high stress and stepping away from the game and spending time with the people I care about (family and friends) would always instantly take me away from the game and bring true happiness back into my life. Like I said I don't think there is a solid answer to what for one person will relief stress, but for me it is balancing my work (high stake mtts) and my free time whatever that might entail :). Best of luck and don't let variance bring you down it's a killerrr
  2. I mean he was owning so the video was based on FACTS. FACTS ARE NOT OPEN FOR DEBATE. Oh hey its paulgees my main man whats up Paul
  3. First post ever on pocketfives I LOVE YOU KEVIN YOU ARE THE BEST!!!
  4. I meant to say I appreciate the love Anfo <3
  5. I appreciate anfo <3

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