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  1. Considering its a 2 buck tournament, I get them all in pre here. Especially since people are reraising you with JJ 1010 AK AQ , Even probably AJ suited.. Jam and hope u hold.. GL PokerBetter
  2. The Continuation Bet May 4, 2009 What is a Continuation Bet and How is it Used in No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament Play? The continuation bet (also known as a ”C-bet”) is when a player makes a raise preflop and then makes another follow up bet after the flop. Continuation betting in your tournaments is very important especially if you miss the flop and don’t know what to do. When you raise preflop you are showing strength. So why not take another stab at the pot by betting? This will give you two ways to win the pot: Your opponent can fold and you can take it down right there. Your opponent might sense strength in your raise and and fold on the turn or the river. Continuation betting in your no limit Texas Holdem poker tournament is a great way to build your stack and find out where you are in the hand. This does not mean you have to bet every single flop every time you raise! Mix it up to keep your opponents guessing. Keep in mind, your opponent can not possibly know exactly what you hold in your hand so this is a rather easy way to take the pot down if you don’t get any resistance. When not to continuation bet. If you raise and you are called by 2 or more opponents and you completely miss the flop. Continuation betting might not be a good idea since you will have to go through two people to take down the pot. The ideal situation for C-betting is when you raise and are called and then your opponent checks to you. How do I size my continuation bet? The size of the pot will determine the size of the continuation bet. Let’s say you raise preflop with “AJ” offsuit. The big blind calls you and the flop comes out “3 K 9?. The big blind checks and gives you the opportunity to make a continuation bet. The pot is “89,450 chips”. Now keep in mind you are not playing the strength of your hand. You are playing the weakness of your opponents hand. Would you like more information on how to size your C-bets? Check out our new site at www.pokerbetter.com for a free 40 page eBook!!
  3. Early Online Tournament Play: No Limit Texas Holdem So the tournament buy-in is paid, the chips are given out to every player at the table and the two cards are dealt. Now what? Everybody has a different strategy when it comes to what they intend to do with their chips. If you pay attention to the tournament lobby you will notice how many players are eliminated within only a few minutes. So How Do You Stay Alive in Online No Limit Texas Holdem Tournaments! Preserving your stack is almost as important as winning chips. You do not want to be one of those players who play every hand just because it is only 50 chips to call the big blind so you call with a J2 off suit. It is very easy to play a hand in online no limit Texas holdem tournaments since all you have to do is click a button to call or raise. You might see more players seeing flops or players calling every single hand. If you pay attention to what is in the middle of the pot before the antes kick in, it is usually irrelevant to your chip stack even if you win the pot. Let’s say the blinds are 25/50 and you have 2900 chips. Even if you raised with some garbage hand or saw a cheap flop and connected, what are you going to win? 75 chips?! Poker tournaments are not won in the first hour of play. Period. Think of online no limit Texas holdem tournaments as if they were a marathon. The last one standing makes the most profit. Early tournament play is about survival and you can not survive if you are throwing away chips just to get involved in the action. You will seem to have better results if you keep your pots small and only get involved when you have a hand. Dont be the donkey who limps J2 off suit. LIMP with small pocket pairs. I like to lose a small pot by not raising preflop, and build the pot of you hit the set. If not, just check fold. Big pocket pairs like AA, KK, QQ you want to be in the pot firing out bets. Raising and reraising preflop will eliminate all the nothing hands that might crack your big hands. No one likes donkeys… play poker!
  4. How to size your bets in online No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament play When playing No Limit Texas Holdem tournaments, a player can bet as many chips as they want when it’s their turn to act. A lot of beginners have problems with not knowing how to much to bet in their online poker tournaments. They either bet too many or not enough chips . Being able to make the correct size bets at the poker table is what separates the winning players from the losing ones. Since every chips counts, you do not want to throw away chips when the pressure is on by not knowing what to bet . How Can You Loose With Pocket Aces?! If you stick to using properly sized bets in your online tournaments, opponents will be less likely to get a read on your hand. Have you ever seen a poker player fold every hand for an hour and then raise too many chips only to win the blinds? When they show their cards they revealed they had pocket aces! They did not get maximum value out of the hand because they bet too much. Have you ever seen those AA’s cracked by someone who stayed in the hand and got lucky on the flop? It happens all too often in online poker tournaments every day regardless of the buy-in level. So What Is The Goal in Online No Limit Texas Holdem Poker Tournament Play? The goal to winning tournaments is to win all the chips and be the last one standing. So the trick is maximizing your profit when you have the best hand and minimize your losses by making the correct sized bets. So how do you determine the size of your bets? Pre-flop When it’s your turn to act and your the first one in the pot pre-flop, you want to base your raises on the size of the blinds. Once the flop comes out your bets are usually made based on the size of the pot. Knowing how much to bet, raise, reraise, continuation bet and even bluff is just as important as the cards you are getting dealt. When deciding to raise pre-flop and if it’s folded to you, you want to be raising around 2.5 -3x the big blind. Keep in mind if there are limpers in the pot you will have to adjust your raise based on how many limpers. Limpers If there is one limper, you can make your raise 3.5- 4x the big blind. Two limpers 4.5 -5 x and so on. Once the flop comes out and if you hit the flop and think you have the best hand, most of the time betting is the best option. Build the Pot! You want to keep the bet sizes around 1/2 to 3/4 size of the pot. If you over bet the pot, you run the risk of scaring off all your opponents. Some people will check and try to trap the other player by appearing weak, but it is important to build the pot. The idea is to get chips! So why not build pots when you actually have a strong hand? Vary Your Game-Play It’s important not to make the exact same bet in every situation because your opponents might pick up on it and this will make you easy to read. Sizing your bets properly throughout the entire poker tournament will give you that edge the other players who just bet random bets don’t have. This should give you newbie poker players a good basic grasp on a few of the fundamentals of Online No Limit Texas Holdem Tournament play. But the best way to learn is to play! Keep posted as we will throw up some more knowledge bombs for all you poker junkies…..
  5. shove all in like you would if you paid $20 dollars for a cheap hooker!!
  6. What are the latest software programs out there for NL Texas holdem tournaments online? Please post your opinions positive or negative.
  7. At the 200/400 level with only 5850 left, I would shove since missmugwump over raise looks extremley weak like shes trying to steal. Once the blinds hit you you would be in bad shape.

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