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  1. Praying for Da Bone - SF really needs him down the stretch. Lol the Cuomos. Andrew turned out to be a class A shit patty - fuck him. I don't really watch or follow the other one, but he seems like the type of jerkoff with too much to prove that tries to fight buzzed 55yo fathers of 4 at the bar to show how tough he is. It sucks getting meat* from a butcher shop of insurrection supporting droolers who are locked into supporting their tard led cult. Nice life. They prolly sell me road kill that they ran over when the blue lives matter flags on their black pickup trucks blew off and covered the windshield. But I'm not passing up on those prices, so they can keep selling it to me while they complete their studies at Facebook U. *pause
  2. I was having a pretty civil exchange with OneM. not sure what in that exchange on immigration merits the pot shots in this post.
  3. yeah interesting. might have something to do with how relatively young this country is. A lot of those counties americans land in might already have been shaped. Personally, i get that 'fear' or whatever - maybe there is a better word. People by nature don't like to see shit they know and love change. But a lot of the change I'd like to see from immigration would be more organic, as in dying upstate towns with crumbling abandoned factories and weed covered former rail tracks, sprout up an immigrant community, which then opens up their own shops to buy and sell shit they like, which creates jobs, creates ethnic restaurants that others then like to try when it is real deal, all of which injects $$$ and life into local economies.
  4. isnt that shit more practiced by the local warlord types that have (had?) way too much power in their hood to have anyone stop em? That SHOULD be way harder for them to pull off here with no consequences. But you're right that every group brings their own shit. It will be an absolute massive net plus long term to have more immigrants to build their lives here. We have countless towns that are dying and badly need the infusion of new blood. And I bet every group you mentioned that came here was faced with the same hatred by those already here. One of the lessons we never ever seem to learn.
  5. yeah i can't lie. Biden has really fucked us by deciding to raise the price of gas
  6. Where were all of you guys when 4 of our soldiers were killed in Niger in 2017 and our administration at the time completely fumbled every aspect of it? Aside from Wanta who I believe did bring it up, everyone else had nothing to say about dead American military. Our president at the time, 12 days after the attack, finally did speak up - and his comment on the ambush was to tell us that when he was president, Obama didn't call the families of fallen soldiers.
  7. And somehow Kamala Harris has to get booted out of all of this. You know, just because.
  8. wow. seems hard to believe; wouldn't a surgical team of some sort be standard on site staff for a troop withdrawal from an instable region? Im seeing 12 US service members and 13 Afghans killed in the bombings at current count.
  9. 10000% agree with your take. We cannot cure the entire world's ills, but when we are already there, and we know what is going to happen if we leave currently, we are obligated to stay. I think our presence has served as a big stabilizer and a big plus. I don't care if there are libs etc that want us out. It's easy for them to say; they are in their cul de sac safe and sound
  10. for people who constantly yell 'fake news', y'all are remarkably ready to run with info the second anyone throws it out all the sudden. What changed?
  11. then whose idiotic idea was it to change course and actually leave Afghanistan?
  12. ty. Breaking911 tends to make their own interpretations of reality, so helps to actually have the real source linked. Preciate it
  13. what makes you think there were no deaths over the last 18 months in afghanistan?
  14. where are you seeing confirmation of 10 dead from the US Military? Not saying its BS at all, but i'm just not seeing the confirmation
  15. just to be super clear on this: that decision has 0.00% to do with Biden. Again, be angry at the people that are responsible for that. And even so, there COULD be a damn good reason for that, especially if we have intel of further attacks possible, etc, etc.
  16. yep in fact, it seems to be damn near a requirement for that job
  17. All that needs is "Sir, " at the start of the quote
  18. so why did you make a post about it then?
  19. i can agree with that. Believe me, I'm not absolving any of the previous administrations for their roles, and I was very vocal about what a piece of shit trump is.
  20. why do we deserve better?
  21. What do you think should happen to the Secretary of Defense?
  22. Not to question your obvious military expertise and inside knowledge in this specific case, but how are you writing the first paragraph and then not calling for the heads of those who actually made those blunder decisions you're outraged about? all you had to do was put this in between the first paragraph and the last part, and it woulda made sense: "but i don't really care about the terrible decisions spelled out above - lemme get to the only thing i really want to say - "
  23. agree with the sentiment, but once you see that blue lives flag you already know what time they're on. so agree 100% with the comment, but the rest of that shit to the right of it can just blow the fuck away

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