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  1. this one had the additional element (according to a couple of the capital police officers i heard interviewed couple weeks ago) of police support organizations not flying right in and expressing strong support like they do when officers are in traumatic scenarios. they didn't want to be seen as taking a political side against the 'side' that is considered their strongest supporters. So the traumatized officers in this particular case might have been stranded on an island in some ways and treated as political pawns. It's something to think about
  2. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say that it appears so, yes. We have no idea what these officers are going through in terms of support/lack thereof of the police unions, their home neighborhoods, social medier, etc. but suicides amongst specific professions are canaries in a coal mine; if you see 4, it means its a bunch more of people in that profession that you don't see right now who are fighting the same feelings.
  3. yeah for sure. they knew when they brought westbrook over that they were gonna have to lure a shooter still. tho i would imagine it will be easier to get a good one to give a one year discount in exchange for nightly national exposure and a really really good chance at a ring. ima have to change my work schedule or something next winter. those lakeshow games start fucking late on the beast coast
  4. oh fuck that. sighhhhh i thought when the twink balked at LAL's offer, that Caruso would somehow find himself back
  5. Melo joining Westbrook on LAL. wooohoooooo can that team possibly kick anymore ass? Bron? Westbrook? Melo? Caruso (hopefully he comes bacc)? god fucking dayummmmmmmmmmmm that team is the boss Just need Lance to complete the cypher
  6. They are putting the public's health first. Yes i am excited by that. Get vaccinated if you just absolutely have to dine indoors, and both public health and business will win
  7. yeah brady was never in really good shape pre-NFL at least in the case of muscle and being toned. But im sure that uniform didnt do him any favors
  8. in what way? He should be gone off this imo, but yeah politics in general, and NY politics in particular can be some grimy shit
  9. can't front; im not the biggest fan, but he absolutely killed it on the opening verse.
  10. tbh, that shoulda been a dead giveaway. He's good enough to be a starting QB in the Big10 and is in terrible shape for his age; what the hell is gonna happen when he gets conditioning from NFL camps? all of us missed the obvious signs lol
  11. is that just an atrociously bad fitting uniform, or was he actually as overweight as it looks there when he was a kid? He was probably still pretty damn good either way
  12. loved everything about that video except when the players had their hands on their hearts during the anthem.
  13. yeah it's a wrap for him, and rightfully so. That was real scumbag shit. And him questioning Leticia James' impartiality comes across as classic misdirection.
  14. It's a vaccine that is readily available in every neighborhood, and costs the same $0.00 to get for every person who takes it, during a public health emergency. There is no barrier to access or cost whatsoever. If someone of age doesn't want to get it, I really don't care that much that they can't go to a museum, a play or concert, or eat at an indoor restaurant in the city while the pandemic continues.
  15. NYC gonna require vaccination proof for indoor activities now. Excelsior Pass Gang ‘If you want to participate in our society fully, you got to get vaccinated,’ NYC mayor says. AMEN
  16. if it was all about physical talent, Willie Gault would be a 1st ballot HOFer
  17. how sick is it that he played HS hoops with Jason Williams? Holy fucking swag overload
  18. the problem is everyone throws in the shit they want which either makes you look disagreeable for saying no "HE VOTED AGAINST PROTECTING OUR CHILDREN!" and shit like that, or makes you look like you were endorsing shit you are completely against cause you had to in order to get your bill passed. It's a shit sandwich
  19. what did he just say? you got a link?
  20. Leon Durham, Bob Dernier, Jody Davis, big Lee Smith closing. They had a sick team with that bunch
  21. To be honest, what choice did he have? What was the alternative?
  22. need the video on this cause i'm not exactly sure what we are dripping wet over. he jumped and got his hand on a football as evidenced by a still taken photo from an angle intending to make his vertical look 43"? BTW on that note, there is a whiteboy who is in both top 5s for highest standing vertical and highest max vertical measured in NBA combine history: Notre Dame's Pat Connaughton, now of the Milwaukee Bucks.
  23. I don't even feel much for them other than sympathy at this point, cause it ain't even their whole fault; the school system and their parents failed them.
  24. lol@ how much the spin rates have gone down since the crackdown on Spider Tack etc. And the walk rate has increased from crackdown date of June 15 to now - it increased from 6/15 to 7/31 for the first time in DECADES. Its obvious to see now why the pitchers threw such tantrums about those mound checks. James Kaprielian on Oakland has lost 325 rpm. lmfao Other massive losses since upcoming crackdown announcement of 6/3 are Garrett Richards, Trevor Bauer (when he was pitching), Walker Buehler, Gerrit Cole, Dylan Cease, James Karinchak, Corbin Burnes, Taijuan Walker, Tyler Mahle. all of their spin rates went down 155rpm or more. Some of these guys are good anyway and i'm sure some have gone on to the next thing that is harder to detect. But they are far from the only ones: of the 131 pitchers who had thrown at least 150 fastballs since June 3rd, fastball spin rates fell on all but 29 of them - tho some who dropped have had negligible drops and some had patterns where they actually did have an annual drop this time of season and those aren't included in the 'definite suspicious' list. June 28: Garrett Richards, to reporters: "I'm trying to figure out how to pitch again" lmfaoooooo
  25. not sure why boston doesn't send duran down. He looks overmatched and they aren't even starting him now. why not let him get AB somewhere?

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