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  1. In today's online poker environment one of the biggest worries for players is if they are playing against a real player or a bot. I fear that there COULD be a botting issue on Global Poker. I have played a million+ hands on Global Poker (I don't have an exact number because they do not allow tracking software) from small stakes 50NL all the way up to 2000NL. What I find weird in my entire time playing on the site is that I have never been contacted by Global Poker about bots that they have found. I have seen a few players I suspected being bots suddenly disappear after playing non
  2. I don't play Blitz Poker on ACR, but what you are describing sounds like the player is just playing multiple tables. He has multi entries into Blitz Poker so his stack can change when you see him.
  3. Hopefully no one does this. These apps are riddled with scams.
  4. If they launch before PA, I will be such a sour B.
  5. If you can play regulated online poker in NJ, you should just stick with that IMO. A lot of us are pretty jealous that you have safe, regulated, online poker.
  6. Im flying home to the Burgh right away if this happens. I have my doubts though.
  7. I have a hard time believing that someone who is colluding would make the screen names so obviously similar. Something is not adding up here.
  8. It's good to be back on US soil after two months in Europe. I absolutely love everything about Europe, but nearing the end of my journey I started to get exhausted from the travel. It's always good to get back home and take a short break to regroup and get the mind and body feeling good again. For the past week of being home, I have been considering my exit from poker. Each day I come up with something new. But today I am questioning why I am questioning my future. I've determined that there is something about being in my hometown that makes me feel like I have to do what everyone is doin
  9. Come on man. Global is the best site to play on in the US if you play cash games. If you don't play cash games, you should.
  10. I couldn't sleep so I did a podcast at 6am from Rotterdam, Netherlands. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xsi0hbXz5RA
  11. Hey People! I am in Amsterdam right now. I am backpacking for Europe for another month or two. Here's an update from my Ireland stop: https://www.pocketfives.com/blogs/chrisp200/just-me-my-backpack-dublin-amsterdam-addition-chris-perkins-588593/
  12. I am not sure where I left off with my last blog post but I'm sure a lot has happened since then. The Irish Open was an unbelievable experience. The resort that the event took place in was wonderful and the people made it very special. In my first event I played, I was lucky enough to play with a legend, Niall Farrell! He even bought me a beer. A really funny and nice guy to be around. CHEERS! Also, during this event, I met wackyJaxon (long time PocketfFiver and now doing media for Poker News). He did a short interview with me during the first break of the 6max event. Keep in m
  13. I dont have WhatsApp but I might be interested. I am playing the event regardless. I am heading to Dublin tomorrow. dm on here or twitter.com/the_chrisp200
  14. It's 5:30pm right now in Galway, Ireland. I have been staying at an amazing hostel here for three days called the Galway City Hostel (pictured below). I just finished watching Dublin beat Scotland in a big rugby game at the pub below where I'm staying with some local friends that I met last night. Another bucket list item to cross off the list. Last night was the first time I've got to play live poker in Ireland. The casino was very interesting. It is certainly not the type of casino I am accustom to in the United States. It was a small room with just a few tables. Only 1/
  15. It's only 4 days away! When I booked my flight to Dubllin, Ireland back in October it felt like this day was never going to come. Now it is getting real. I'm all packed and ready for this 2-3 month journey through Europe. I will traveling like a minimalist for this trip. I'm only taking a small backpack with 2 pairs of pants, a few shirts, some underwear, a laptop, and a kindle. I know what you're thinking, "this guy is crazy!". You might be right, but I think traveling with just the essentials will be a great experience and I will appreciate the idea of militaristic travel a lo
  16. I just wanted to post about the Irish Poker Open coming up in Dublin, Ireland to see if any other Pocketfivers will be playing? This will be my first time in Ireland and am traveling alone, so it would be nice to have some company for the trip and St. Patricks Day :). https://www.irishpokeropen.com/events-2018/ I'll be in Dublin/Galway from March 4th-20th Hope to see you guys there! Chris Perkins
  17. I just finished up a short 5 day stint in Coconut Creek, Florida for the WSOPC. I am flying back to Tampa in 8 hours and will be there until Friday. I am flying back to Pittsburgh on Friday the 23rd to see friends/family and to do my 2017 taxes before I leave for Europe. Needless to say, 2017 went better than planned. So many people fail at this poker endeavour so I already feel like I'm winning. I got to travel endlessly in 2017 and am doing the same in 2018. Here's my upcoming Europe Trip plans Dublin, Ireland I leave March 4th from Pittsburgh and fly to Dublin, Ireland.
  18. When backing someone, backers do it because they think it will be a good investment with a likely return. You need to show that you can beat the games and putting in the work before anyone is going to put money behind you.
  19. You need to use quotes if you are typing a thought that isn't yours.

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