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  1. I play on Intertops quite often. They do offer multiple ways to cash out for U.S. players but I find Bitcoin to be the easiest and fastest. My last Bitcoin withdraw only took 3 days. The longest cash out time I have ever had with them was about two weeks. They are one of the more reliable sites in the U.S. I have won three live tournament packages from their site and have gotten a chance to meet some of the workers and they were overall very nice people. Right now they are doing live satellites to the Punta Cana Classic and the PPC Aruba.
  2. I haven't heard many bad things about BetOnline, what do you know that I don't?
  3. Honestly, probably zero. I have acquaintances who are black but no one I am close to.
  4. Thank you to all the investors! The tournament did not go well for us but I'll be back next year. If you haven't already, make sure you follow my twitch stream. I hope to see you all there @ twitch.tv/chrisp200 Cheers Chris
  5. 5% RbPoker 5% Kulp 10% Lappy 5% Zach H 5% nutsooncow 5% indigorose 10% Tim 5% Melissa H 5% anub SOLD OUT. Thank you all for investing! LFG!
  6. I tested out the Twitch stream last night from our condo. The stream was cutting out quite a bit. I don't think I will be able to stream the event unfortunately. I will have Twitter updates periodically @the_chrisp200
  7. 5% RbPoker 5% Kulp 10% Lappy 5% Zach H 5% nutsooncow 5% indigorose 10% Tim 5% Left
  8. If your name is in bold, your money has be received and you officially booked. The tournament is this Friday. All money must be received prior to the start of the tournament. 5% RbPoker 5% Kulp 10% Lappy 5% Zach H 5% nutsooncow 5% indigorose 15% Left
  9. Leaving for Vegas tomorrow. The tournament is this Friday. LFG! 5% RbPoker 5% Kulp 10% Lappy 5% Zach H 5% nutsooncow 5% indigorose 15% left!
  10. 5% RbPoker 5% Kulp 10% Lappy 5% Zach H 5% nutsooncow 20% is still available.
  11. 5% RbPoker 5% Kulp 10% Lappy 5% Zach H 25% is still available. PayPal: PM me ACR: Uraise-Icall
  12. Thanks Lappy! 5% RbPoker 5% Kulp 10% Lappy 30% is still available. PayPal: PM me ACR: Uraise-Icall
  13. In general, a live 10bb stack plays like a 20bb stack online. For that reason, open jamming should rarely be an option.
  14. While it would help to know more about the spot. Were you on the money bubble? Was it pre ante? What is your image? But as a very general play you should be raising (2x-3x) with the intention of getting it in if you are 3bet. If the table is as active as you say is it, this seems like a great spot, when you get 3bet, to jam over top. As long as you didn't open jam or open fold, I'm sure you played it fine :)
  15. Knowing what I know now, I'll play 1/2 HU PLO with you. 5,000 hands. Dont talk about it, be about it. LFG
  16. Hello all! Selling for the $1K WSOP Online Bracelet Event. For those who don't know me, I stream mid-stakes MTTs on Twitch 1-3 nights per week on the US sites @ twitch.tv/chrisp200. I will stream this event live on my twitch as long as there are no internet connection issues wherever I am staying in Vegas. I am looking to sell up to 50% of the event at 1.2 5% - $60 10% - $120 Can accept PayPal, ACR, Cash in Vegas (if I know you). Structure: The structure looks pretty amazing. 20 minute levels/15K starting stack https://www.wsop.com/pdfs/structuresheets/structure_1232_149
  17. Yes, I play on Bovada. Yes, I win on Bovada. Yes, I think Bovada is rigged ;). Variance my man!
  18. Can you please post all of your past Main Event finishes?
  19. Sometimes players remaining will end up with less than a buyin, which I don't think is fair. I think the way it is handled now is fine. If it's in the money, chip chop, if it's not in the money, refund all. There will always be people unhappy with how it is done though, but when the million was cancelled the first time, everyone was saying it was fair, now that it worked against people, they say it's unfair.
  20. Not true. I've done at least 10 Bitcoin Withdraws on ACR in the past 5 months
  21. Is this serious how you think you're going to get backed to the WSOP ME? If it's that easy, I'm selling 90% of my ME action guys, line up now.

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