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  1. Intertops is good and has always been good as far as cashouts go. I just won a package to Austria on their site Sunday afternoon. The tournament schedule is pretty bad though.
  2. The past month has been unbelievable for me poker wise. Prior to December, I hadn't really played much poker since my pathetic showing at the WSOP. I feel like that time off from the game got me rejuvenated and excited to play. While the results have been there, I am still noticing a lot of leaks in my game. Most of the leaks I am noticing deal with late game play, but I do feel like I am slowly correcting them. One of my many New Years Resolutions was to play more live poker. I live about ten minutes from Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh so it shouldn't be too hard to accomplish it. So far
  3. Unfortunately this looks right. You need to get involved with a training site, play on smaller sites, and work on your game. A 12k game downswing just doesn't happen without other factors.
  4. Unfortunately this looks right. You need to get involved with a training site, play on smaller sites, and work on your game. A 12k game downswing just doesn't happen without other factors.
  5. Recently a popular poker training website signed on a new “professional” to do videos for their paid subscription holders. To my shock, the player they had signed was someone that I had played with countless times and had never seen him as anything more than an average to a below average mid-stakes nitty player. Before I get into this, I want to make it clear that I am not outing the site or the player that has been signed because I do not think it’s important. I think the site owners are generally good people and I have nothing, on a personal level, to say bad about the newly signed “pro”.
  6. How do I deal with tilt? Go play 2/4 PLO cash and punt off a grand. Tilt over.
  7. I think peeing in bottles should be encouraged at the table. No more breaks.
  8. 50k Profit Move abroad to play full time Keep a good life balance Work out consistently
  9. Might help to post stats and a link to your PTP profiile
  10. Thanks for the information guys. Just out of curiosity, is there any casinos left that allow smoking at the poker tables?
  11. It's my first time out there so I don't have a good sense of what I'll be playing yet but I am staying at the Excalibur. Planning on playing a lot at the rio and planet hollywood. I have Spaceys spreadsheet but it's not great on phones. Seems like an app I will create for next year's wsop.
  12. Is there a good poker tournament schedule app out there? I want to make sure when I bust tournys I know exactly what is going on that day.
  13. Sounds difficult to do. Intertops would need a promotion to get some new players and some old players back. But this site is pretty amazing even with the little traffic it gets. Soft players and fast cashouts.
  14. This guy raised 55k to make Potato Salad...
  15. Run It Once is the LEAST expensive. They give you access to hundreds of videos. Having said that, if you want to focus on MTTs I would recommend TPE or Card Runners.
  16. This one is pretty epic They took the video down but you can see it here:
  17. The Go Pro Hat Post your favorite
  18. Please don't mention this in an interview, unless it's subtle when they ask you what your hobbies outside of work are.
  19. It depends on the deal you make with them. Usually, you would pay back the buy-in and then split the winnings based on what you agree on (i.e. 50/50, 60/40 etc...)
  20. This isn't exactly true. If you get the debit card option on ACR, the cash outs take less than 24 hours in most instances. Never had one withdraw take more than 48 hours.

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