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  1. I don't play Blitz Poker on ACR, but what you are describing sounds like the player is just playing multiple tables.  He has multi entries into Blitz Poker so his stack can change when you see him.

  2. I've been playing there for about a month and a half. Whenever PocketFives emailed me promoting it. Didn't put any money on the site, I've been playing off the 10,000 Gold Coins in their mtt freerolls. I don't know what's going on with the RNG on Global Poker, but I've never seen so many donks get dealt miracle cards to beat stronger hands there.

    Not just talking about my own personal cards, but what I see around the tables in many tournaments. I won't be putting any money on the site and am basically done with it. Good luck if you play there.

    Come on man. Global is the best site to play on in the US if you play cash games. If you don't play cash games, you should.

  3. I have seat for Irish open tournament in Dublin, i won it in online satellite. I was planing to go but unfortunately i can't go so i'm thinking to selling it or something, because otherwise it will be wasted. Tournament starts march 14 so only few days left. If you are interested text me, maybe we can make an agreement. WhatsApp nr. +447405354747

    I dont have WhatsApp but I might be interested. I am playing the event regardless. I am heading to Dublin tomorrow. dm on here or twitter.com/the_chrisp200

  4. I just wanted to post about the Irish Poker Open coming up in Dublin, Ireland to see if any other Pocketfivers will be playing? This will be my first time in Ireland and am traveling alone, so it would be nice to have some company for the trip and St. Patricks Day :).


    I'll be in Dublin/Galway from March 4th-20th

    Hope to see you guys there!

    Chris Perkins

  5. I just finished up a short 5 day stint in Coconut Creek, Florida for the WSOPC. I am flying back to Tampa in 8 hours and will be there until Friday. I am flying back to Pittsburgh on Friday the 23rd to see friends/family and to do my 2017 taxes before I leave for Europe.

    Needless to say, 2017 went better than planned. So many people fail at this poker endeavour so I already feel like I'm winning. I got to travel endlessly in 2017 and am doing the same in 2018.

    Here's my upcoming Europe Trip plans

    Dublin, Ireland

    I leave March 4th from Pittsburgh and fly to Dublin, Ireland. I will be playing the Irish Poker Open. It's a $1,150 buyin with 1 million GTD.

    After that I am heading to Amsterdam for 5-6 days to play some cash and indulge myself in the city.

    From Amsterdam, I will be heading to Brussels to again play some cash and take over the city :).

    Lyon, France is my next stop after that. I will be playing in the Unibet 550 event. 50K starting stack and 50 minute levels. Seems like a really cool stop.

    Following Lyon, I will be heading to Barcelona, Spain for the Party Poker Millions. This should be a really fun spot. I will only be playing the first event because all of the other buyins are a little too big. But it is a $1000 1Million GTD so it should be solid. I assume the cash games will be great as well.

    I am not really sure where I want to go after all this. This will take about 6 weeks, which means I have another 4-6 weeks to get out to Vegas to get ready for WSOP.

    Some spots that I am intrigued with:

    Croatia (specifically Zagreb, Zadar, Split, and Dubrovnik) I might go to these places for a while and just play online if I get too exhausted from traveling around.

    Germany: There are plenty of places to play poker in Germany, although I don't know how good the games will be.

    Poland: I have read that it is fairly cheap to stay in a lot of the cities in Poland and they are beautiful.

    There are so many places I want to go. It's really going to come down to time and money. I am not rich. I will be staying in Hostels most of the in Europe, some are as cheap as $9 a night. I haven't made it in the poker world yet but I do want to take advantage of this opportunity while I can. This poker dream could be over tomorrow so why not give it my all and see the world in the process?

    Anyways, I know this was just a bunch of rambling, but I just wanted to let everyone know I am alive, I survived my first 15 months of playing poker full time, and I am somewhat living the life. :)

    Also, I think I am going to start a live podcast. It will just be me rambling once a week from the road, but I do think a lot of you will find it interesting. I'll keep you updated.


  6. I'm going to give it to you straight, you botched the bvb hand pretty bad. (Don't take offense to this. I botch hands all the time but it is important that you recognize it.

    In tournaments when we are 100bb deep, the value of middling pairs do not come from trying to build a pot preflop. You are trying to hit your set and play a huge pot, or keep the pot small and play as close to perfectly as we can against the opponent in position. Having said that, I don't think the raise preflop is bad, but just realize you aren't getting too many folds when stacks are this deep and his calling range can still be very wide.

    We need to be betting this flop. This is a dry board. We need to deny him his equity in this pot and continue to tell our story. I would be more inclined to check back a J here than 77.


    Now the Ace comes in. Seems like the perfect card for us to represent since we checked the flop. The problem is that our opponent knows this is a good card for our range and he still chooses to lead out on the turn (this should throw some alarm signals up right here). Raising here makes no sense based on that information. I think we can pretty easily find a fold here but this is just another reason to be betting the flop.


    What are you trying to accomplish with this river bet? Are you trying to get an ace to fold? Because the way this board ran out, an ace is just not folding often enough to make this a profitable bet. At this point, if I'm villian, I can't see folding any value hand that I called on the turn. Which means, you aren't getting a better hand to fold and are only beating missed draws. Check back this river and take your showdown.

    Moral of the story:

    Don't get into leveling wars early on in tournaments. Save that for post ante play when pots become more lucrative to win.

    Hope that helps

    Chris Perkins

  7. On the earlier hand vs villian:

    Why are you not value betting the river?

    Villian representing 2 pair, sets, big draws with a pair, or over pair on the turn.

    A set is leading this river a huge portion of the time. If he did have 2 pair (which is most likely given the check on the river) you now have hit the gin river and it's still going to be hard for him to fold.

    I am putting out a healthy size bet on this river.


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