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  1. 888 takes forever to respond/sort out issues. Try contacting them through twitter to see if they can expedite the review. GL
  2. pokeratlas app is pretty solid, should help you out have fun in vegas
  3. Congrats on all your success and thanks for a great well. Do you think truly great players are born or made? Could a mediocre winner work hard enough to be great? Cheers
  4. prob time to stop beating these to death, first one was a win but keeps going downhill
  5. Congrats on the win Galen! What has been most influential in terms of your poker development to get you to this point? Is there anything specific that you feel that you've done better than most other players out there along the way that has directly resulted in your success? Cheers
  6. f off with all the bullshit formats tilt ffs. god this site tilts me to no end.
  7. Pretty solid schedule for the time zone man. I have no clue about working out (obv haha) but I've def been trying to get more cardio stuff in, whether it be a run or getting on the bike for an hour. Definitely helps immensely to wind down from or pump up for a session for sure.

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