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  1. I am getting it in for sure in this spot, especially if its on Ipoker network as I have seen ATs make these raises even AJo and we are winning in those spots a high percentage of times and the times we are kkoolered by the three big PP's aren't as high of a percentage as the hands your flipping with. Flip well and you got it, the fact that we are 7 handed really helps the decision as well IMO. Hope I helped on a decision here.
  2. ok sounds good, I will email you when I get the chance and see what the damage looks like.
  3. If shot down for free backing and coaching, how much does it cost you if you have to pay? And how long are you locked in if you are locked in at all. Curious as I was shot down for the first but accepted for the latter.
  4. Congrats on your first staking, Win some bucks for Vikash and GL in your games.
  5. you need to state what split you are looking for from a full stake, if you do that you may get someone willing to risk a bigmac on the event.
  6. Like the site, created MTT package once there and it sold out in couple days to one person. I hope to start using the site regularly soon.
  7. ya CMU does run things different I noticed, haven't seen stakeback BAPs here that I can remember.
  8. maybe I am posting it wrong for the split with MU, if you look at the CMU link it gives the chart of the split with the price value and all the info you need, this is my first time creating a manual stake thread/BAP . I was tilted from 5 koolers almost simultaneous when I replied, maybe I am posting it wrong and someone can correct me and I can update with correct info.
  9. IF think it is mark up on the $0.65 then your wrong, the mark up is 1.14 which comes to $0.65. I think you guys have it twisted and are thinking theres MU on the price given. I see 1.2-2.0 in MU with players that have not won anything in 1000+ games.
  10. High MU, I guess you haven't shopped around and bought shares from more than one spot. I am at the lower end of MU's I have seen on here and other sites. I am playing games regardless of sales, if we sellout then bonus for the investors that take more. If we don't bonus for me, I understand you may think it is high for first BAP here. But there are plenty of others here for you to look at without trolling here thanks.
  11. Total noob, this event is with SB then 70/30 profit split, https://www.chipmeup.com/event/151422/ravensuc-pokerstars-sunday-small-micros
  12. Here is my OPR rankings, I used my sharkscope searches up for the day lol so couldn't get my stats there. I will post them tomorrow. http://www.officialpokerrankings.com/pokerstars/Ravens+UC/poker/results/4B7E8C1F888C40D28D920103661E36E5.html?t=2
  13. I am selling 70/30 in investors favor, August 16, 2015 I have 1% shares @ $0.65 with a MU of 1.12 and I have 43/70 sold and will be keeping a detailed rail on chipmeup.com and here as well. I normally only sell action on CMU but I figured I would branch out and try and gain new interest from another notable community. I have been a member for a long time, I have not purchased shares here but I do so regularly on CMU. If you need a reference just ask I can give some names from CMU, my Pokerstars.com name is: Ravens UC I will be taking stars money and CMU $. MTT's, The Bigger $8.80, $13.50
  14. well I am no scammer and I received my transfer fast ........I kknow what ur saying about the few posts....I was weary at first cuz of the low posts but I tookk a chance and traded with him.......was a big riskk for me seeing that my BR on cakke isn't that big so sending $50 too someone I never kknew in the first place was a nail biter too say the least.......and I am a regular on many forums with the same name and a regular micro mtt player on AP and cakke. But he was honest and came through with my transfer and I will continue to use him in the future and this thread to do any future transfe
  15. I have made a successful trade with potbillder for $50 my cakke $ for his AP $ and it was quickk and easy........no problems getting my $$$$
  16. I am still lookking to trade cakke for ap.......I kknow I haven't posted much, but I am trust worthy and I will send first if that is an issue since I haven't traded on here before, but would prefer a reputable player on P5's not a newbie likke myself lol.........would love to play some ap games today
  17. wow .....some pretty big news.....I hope all the names come out soon.......I watch many of the big game ......big name .......good players on cereus networkk and am very curious too kknow whom is colluding on there.......
  18. Have $ 50 on cakke wanting to trade for AP $50 cakke: tatonkkaa AP: tatonkka first time p2p on P5'S but have traded money on cakke and ap in the past
  19. LOL even jesus played cash game when he did it.......saying he went bust a few times in his conquest of makking $0 - $10,000...........but dare to dream.......without dreams there would be no great people in history........would be a sickk thing to do $0-$10,000 with nothing but freerolls.......you'd have to be very good and luckky.....
  20. Here are a few other screen shots of freeroll finishes ITM on AP and FT........... 24th in FT Canadian $100 FR paid 27, 2504 entered: http://i974.photobucket.com/albums/ae227/tatonkkaa/24thincdnftgame-1.gif 3rd in AP $50 FR pays 18, 1417 entered: http://i974.photobucket.com/albums/ae227/tatonkkaa/ap3rd50fr.gif 8th in AP $50 FR pays 18, 3077 entered: http://i974.photobucket.com/albums/ae227/tatonkkaa/508TH.gif The 8th place finish on AP was the day before the 5th place finish.......glad I have my computer fixxxed now so I can takke a screen shot of mtt finishes.....for over a
  21. That is why I call him da D.O.C., not cuz of the dr in his name, but because he Dominates Others Chips..........he is very luckky and very good, I watch his games all the time along with Belandator, Hookey911, Dipthrong when he's ever on ap, the_gun_show and imhidonks. All good players that yarp have a degree of luckk, but can't deny the skkillz either.
  22. http://i974.photobucket.com/albums/ae227/tatonkkaa/5thin50apgame.gif This is a freeroll on AP, I placed 5th out of 3662 on Aug. 29/10 the day before in the same tournament I got 28th but was mad about the finish. These games only pay top 18.
  23. It is easy to get money on absolute and Ultimate bet using your bank card, pre-paid credit card or most major credit cards as well as money orders. Taking the money off is real easy too, the first cheque takes a lil longer about a week and half and the ones after that are fast. You can take money off monday and get your cheque friday and cash it with ease, but some banks hold your money for 5 to 7 work days but it goes through no problem.
  24. Was a good game man, lessons are a good idea and develope the skills more.

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