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  1. have $2500 FeltStars (AquaFineVudka) Will take Party/Stars or PM me for other sites. (artofyou) (yanniyankiev)
  2. i cant find this anywhere on ongame? where should i be looking?
  3. I've lived in both China and States and to be honest it felt more controlled and less free in the states heh
  4. in unless im not playing that day for some weird reason. Will send day before.
  5. oops i read that wrong. i thought ur paying 3-1 on last longers. dunno how or why. anyhow...book me for $30. cheers
  6. Yep same as you spraggs. while my friend is next to me playing all his tables. wtf...
  7. pack your bags and go...will be the best decision uve ever made. best of luck!
  8. how long did your last pending cashout take?
  9. mine opened fine...downloaded with no problems and ran ok
  10. the FTP update will not work for me...im in thailand right now but that shouldnt matter. Tried going to fulltiltpoker.co.uk as well, the site works but when i click on the download link it just goes to an Internal Server Error. Anyone else with this problem?
  11. good job guys and thanks savepluto for grinding those hypers/not grinding at all.

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