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  1. moorman1 favourite player? ooof

  2. lol my team carried me i did awful thanks team :)
  3. no shame in being 4th in hampshire m8

  4. middy i love you more than you love the game
  5. railtard still talks to me on msn from time to time and told me last night he has started paying people back. i asked for names and he just said "2 people you don't know" so take that fwiw. i do know he is/has been playing on the 2 major sites with reasonable success on ftp and afaik he has made enough money to pay off a couple people and still have a small roll to play off of himself. he also says "live cash is going well" more or less everytime i talk to him which is a £1/£1 game so it sounds as though he is rebuilding a roll and he is also adamant he will pay everyone back. this is all what he has told me tho and i have no proof he has a) paid anyone back b) won at live cash. the "2 people you dont know" thing makes me sceptical though because i know of 15 people he owes money to so that means he either is lying or owes more people than i thought...gulp.
  6. think the sizing pre is kinda bad and normally i'd make it less, especially off this stack, more like 1,300-1,600 just so you can manage the pot a little better and it won't telegraph your hand so much either. i'd probably then bet/fold 1,400-1,700. i don't even hate flatting off this stack because it's going to be pretty lame c/f in a 3bet pot which is what i think you have to do here now. it's not like an old guy is ever going to 4bet you light or value shove worse than JJ+, AK here anyway. much easier if u have <35bb tho, then you can 3b a size to shove the flop for a roughly potsize bet or just shove pre :D when he does the snap peel with no considerations for anything else than "how much it is to call" it's usually one of two things....they have 99-QQ,AQ/AK... or he's just a fish who isnt passing if he hits ANY piece. you can often barrel the scared ones off of 99-QQ, but you are nowhere near deep enough here to do so, and goodluck getting the fish to pass anything!

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