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  1. How can you even advertise this with the current state of your network?
  2. Desperate times call for desperate tourney series. GL MERGE
  3. Keep up the good work bro :)
  4. I like Tyson a lot as well. I hope you continue having success friend!
  5. Just hope Lock has the proper infrastructure to support the type of growth they are planning on having! This is all for nothing if they don't supply customers with the proper level of attention and develop it in a calculated/responsible way. It's fine to be optimistic, but have to be realistic as well.
  6. Thanks Tyson for keeping this so well organized. Definitely provides a fun source of motivation
  7. The field is drawing dead...just sayin. GL everyone. Hopefully this group collectively dominates.
  8. Lol was about to post nearly the exact same thing. I'm so excited to turn my cards up and then they changed from what I thought. Then I start scrambling looking for cards in the muck cause I swear I knew what my hand was.
  9. Saw this but never got the chance to say huge congrats...well deserved for a true grinder. Keep up the good work
  10. Interesting line to take as 1ncorrigible. Basically repping Xh4h and perhaps KQ. Assume that's what was going through tollgate's head.
  11. Being one with the RNG on Full Tilt was an art. You had to really feel the positive vibes right before you called off the preflop jam. Waitttt foorrr ittt....waiittt forrrr ittttt, waiiitttt f, NOW
  12. Tournament poker is demoralizing. Countless times we play great poker for hours, even days, only to have it blow up in our face over the course of a few hands. It gets to a point where we wonder if there is some type of hex over our cards, or maybe the site we’re playing on is “rigged”. The consistent misfortunes deep in tournaments often weighs heavily on our attitude and makes us expect bad results. However, there is a great equalizer, which if harnessed correctly can make tournament poker much more enjoyable in the long-run: Positivity. “I Run so Bad” Vs. “I Run so Good” Think back through your conversations with poker players and ask yourself how many times you’ve heard each of these statements said. It would be very hard to imagine that there are people who have heard the run-good proclamation more. There is a simple explanation for that: Tournament poker is cruel. People naturally focus on the big hands that they lose over the big hands they win. This often leads to a high level of frustration which can quickly translate over to poor play. If so many people are unlucky, are they really running bad, or just about the same as everybody else? One of the biggest developments in my tournament game was when I started telling myself and others how good I run. Although it may have been far from the truth, it made the game a lot more fun and led to more consistent results. For whatever reason, when you tell yourself you’re going to win a big hand, it just feels like they fall in your favor more often. If they don’t, then who cares? We are just going to win the next one. Positivity Fosters Results When a solid player is displaying optimism and confidence they are extremely dangerous. They trust plays with little to no fear of failure, their reads are generally spot-on, and they play the game to their full potential. When players are negative and worried about running bad, the reverse is true. They tend to be gun-shy and avoid spots that they know are profitable. They feel they are destined to lose. It’s clear to see why being positive is so important if we expect profitable results in the long-run. The Best Players are Forward-Looking The best thing any tournament player can do when they lose a big pot is do everything in their power to realize it as a sunk cost. We can’t let past misfortunes plague our current mentality. Whatever happened in the past is now out of our control. We have to readjust and make the best plays going forward. The same goes for recent results. It is not ideal whatsoever to let how poorly the past session, week, month, etc. affect how we are playing now. Every time we start a tournament, the only part of the past that should play a role in our game is the information we have gathered over time. If we maintain a level of positivity, then we have a huge edge over our competition that is letting bad luck bring down their level of play. You Can Lead a Horse to Water… No matter how much you stress the importance of positivity with tournament poker; most will never be able to grasp it. That or they refuse to accept it. I’ll admit that it’s very hard to stay optimistic during the roughest downswings, especially when it is a main source of income. However, this is when you need that positivity the most. At the end of the day, there is a massive difference between fundamentally solid players who are positive people versus those who are negative. In many instances, this will be the determining factor whether they are able to continue to develop and grow as a player. If we fuse positivity into our everyday grind, not only will the game become more enjoyable, but we’ll be able to focus on what is in our control in any particular tournament rather than the luck factor. In part 2 of this topic I'll be going into more specific stories about how attitude has positively/negatively affected myself and those close to me both in poker and life. Special thanks to Howie Shen (http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/no-name-fame) for his input on this matter.
  13. I used the wrong terminology in my last post. He never said his account was restricted...he said his transfers were (apparently there is a 4-day window you can't transfer funds just sent to your account). Apologies for this mix-up. In the end I think this issue comes down to intent. There is no way of knowing what would have happened if he had a really bad session following the day I dropped him. I just hope others are wary when it comes to doing business with him in the future since there clearly was a lack of communication on his side.
  14. Here is my final update on the situation. I was repaid my 2k, but would like to lay out the whole story through my eyes. Last night I dropped Leo at around 4 AM. He was clearly very upset and asked for another chance. I told him my decision was final and that I'd like him to send back the 2k in staking money. He told me that his accounts were restricted and that he would send the money back when this restriction was lifted. He signed off Skype that night and I assumed that he would make good on this promise. Early today, Leo was not signed onto Skype and I checked for him on Lock. He was online but nothing was listed in his games. I decided to check some lobbies for other horses and saw that Luckyleo80 was in fact playing and that he had blocked the ability for me to search him directly (It was not this way the day before). Skype was our only established mode of communication at this point and there was no effort to explain what was going on. At this point I decided to post the thread since it was clearly a concern that he was freerolling my money. Throughout the day he made final tables and had a fairly profitable day (profit of around 2k). At around 1:45 AM he signed onto Skype and we began talking for the first time since I chose to drop him. He then informed me that the whole day he was never using my funds and that he cashed in his VIP points and ran up enough in cash games to start an MTT session. I have no way of verifying this one way or the other. Leo is free to post in this thread and provide proof that this was in fact the case. I went off the information I had and thought this thread was the best course of action. Regardless, I am glad that the funds that were rightfully mine were returned to me. This will be my last post in this thread unless other facts need to be presented.
  15. Thanks everyone for the input. I understand this is a risk that goes along with backing, but I have done this for a while with many different people and never had an issue like this. I find that when you're respectful to the person and show you trust them it takes a true lack of character to screw someone over. At this point, I am just hoping to get my money back. He should take into account how badly this is going to tarnish his image and make receiving any sort of backing in the future very difficult. I made a decision and asked him to respect it and he chose not to. He is now seemingly freerolling my money (and had a pretty profitable day today) and ignoring any attempted contact. If anyone has a direct mode of contact with him I kindly ask that you bring up the situation with him and try to talk some sense into him. Scamming someone is a temporary fix that will cause irreversible damage to your reputation. I can only hope he realizes that.
  16. Wacky, I saw this, but if you look deeper into the situation it was for $1.11 over 3 years ago. No history of serious scamming, and obviously a well-established player on the network. Just unfortunate overall.
  17. I really never wanted to create one of these threads, but it is absolutely necessary at this point. Recently, I opened up applications for backing on Lock Poker because I wanted to find highly motivated, high-volume horses. Leonard August aka smoothustler applied and based on his results and volume I decided to sign him up. After just a few days I decided based on his attitude and liberal use of my money without permission that the deal wasn't going to work. I'd go into specifics but I want to get this out as quickly as possible. He was basically breakeven with the money in his account (~2k). I made it EXTREMELY clear that I wanted him to send the funds back as soon as possible and that the deal was off. I signed onto Lock only to find him playing a full schedule today. He is not signed onto Skype and is clearly in full out scam mode. I understand this is partly my fault for not being more diligent in the screening process, but I obviously was correct on my judge of his character over only just 3 short days. It's really disappointing that someone will risk ruining all their credibility over something like this, but it was his choice and now he needs to face the consequences. I will keep the situation updated as it progresses.
  18. Thanks everyone for the positive feedback. I'm planning to write something at the end of every month about the outside forces surrounding MTT play. If anyone ever has any suggestions feel free to message me. Thanks again!

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