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  1. Glad I could jump in. Looking through the thread looks like there was a bit of a delay on the slow draft. Jamaal Charles now off the board and i'll be around to keep things going if you guys want to move it along. Thanks for having me, should be a fun season.
  2. In for both, not 100% sure I will play so please refund me if I skip
  3. I can fold pre, usually i do but in this situation i called pre cos we are fairly deep (all above average stack anyway) and we are near to the larger money so a high number of these players bums go and are not going to play back at me when they brick flops. KJ/AK etc on this board or 44-1010 on boards with paint i am winning a high % of pots in response to, ''what u gonna hit with 10 4'' at no point was i expecting to call and flop a pair or something better. of course that can happen but is a small % of how im winning pots here if we was deeper (maybe a slower structure) i would be putting a small 3 bet in pre, but in this spot i cant as i have to jam any flop. so i call with a decent price and key point being aggressor is sandwiched and going to put him to a test on a board that often misses his range when we're near the FT....... and from flop on is not the debate i dont think but as rungoodmuch rightly states I am takin down a number of pots here with the same line alot of the time so its not a case of calling to hit ever and the ''i like playing people like you'' comment you are thinking i am check folding missed flops? not the case i would rather play abc people who when they are callin in my spot always have KQ/66/87 like you no doubt!
  4. Not really sure where else to post this but the following players is a scammer: http://www.pocketfives.com/profiles/sng/ Negative feedback left by multiple people on 2+2 FULL Name: Ainis Jusins aka Atis Verzemnieks aka Geks Dinis Plays under blatjaga on Poker Stars and 2+2 and skype name are the same. emails : blatjaga@gmail.com, blatjaga@yahoo.com, tomits22@yahoo.com Other relevant info: Location: Jurmala, Latvia Stars Account: bread + h2o 2p2 Account: verzemnieks (http://forumserver.twoplustwo.com/members/314262/) E-mail: breadandwater9@yahoo.com Skype: breadandh2o
  5. Ivey might just give you the $39.62 or so you had in your FTP account.
  6. Big Huni, could you explain your thought process further. From the way I look at it we can get three streets of value from randoms holding hands like AQ, QJ, KQ, QT and possibly even two streets with randoms holding pairs and gutshots. It seems like b/f turn is the best action imo because when they just call we are usually ahead and we can fire blank rivers for three streets of value and when we get check raised we can easily let our hand go on this board against most randoms. It seems like if we just check the turn and call most rivers we have lost value in the hand everytime we are ahead and lose pretty close to the same amount of chips when we are behind had we b/f the turn.
  7. Nice hand unless these players have been getting really active this is a pretty easy lay down
  8. Bruce Buffer is by far the best red pro on FTP
  9. I feel that calling would be the worst option as it is giving his ace hands a lot of free looks at the river
  10. HAHA, not Final Table, Full Tilt. You don't think this is an uncreative move by a random with a set or better?
  11. Villain is 4.0 aggression Full Tilt Poker Game #22815194208: Big Double - A (176044002), Table 9 - 20/40 - No Limit Hold'em - 22:30:05 ET - 2010/08/03 Seat 1: nineteen19 (2,990) Seat 2: Boatt1ts (2,835) Seat 3: tuna_fish_tank (5,305) Seat 4: Papaw72807 (3,100) Seat 5: bigswitz (3,010), is sitting out Seat 6: TiltTheBho (2,935) Seat 7: pock_nug (3,090) Seat 8: MDPA77 (2,745) Seat 9: BBeep55 (3,870) Papaw72807 posts the small blind of 20 bigswitz posts the big blind of 40 The button is in seat #3 *** HOLE CARDS *** Dealt to TiltTheBho [Kc Ks] bigswitz has returned TiltTheBho has 15 seconds left to act TiltTheBho raises to 120 pock_nug folds MDPA77 folds BBeep55 folds nineteen19 folds Boatt1ts folds tuna_fish_tank folds Papaw72807 calls 100 bigswitz calls 80 *** FLOP *** [Jd 5s 3h] Papaw72807 checks bigswitz checks TiltTheBho bets 220 Papaw72807 folds bigswitz calls 220 *** TURN *** [Jd 5s 3h] [2s] bigswitz checks TiltTheBho has 15 seconds left to act TiltTheBho bets 520 bigswitz raises to 1,040 TiltTheBho has 15 seconds left to act TiltTheBho has requested TIME TiltTheBho????
  12. SHIP IT IN, EZ GAME. You only have 290 left if you had WAY more I could see the merits to just calling. Jam it in now as you are never folding.
  13. 420 pre, 850 flop and call all jams. Get a converter for these hand histories. Get them KO's
  14. Dude with a name like Gretzky I think you need to see 99 through to every river.

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