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  1. uhmm, no, don't shove almost 6 times the pot with bottom 2 pair. Pot is 350. I would bet out 250 or so, shove over anyone that raises. We got blockers for 33 and 88, AA would've raised pre. We're ahead of every Ax but A3 and A8. If there's aggressive players behind + the usual calling stations, you can just check, then someone bets say 250, someone else flats, NOW you can shove since there will be like 800 in the pot and one of them is likely calling while behind (with Ax or whatever). You could also check-raise with the intention of shoving any turn but an A. But never shove bottom two for 6x the pot. Basically, you want to play bottom 2 fast (because of the chance of getting counterfeited), but you don't want to play them idiotically.
  2. Going with the less obvious, number 1
  3. I fold. There's an UTG raise, a flat, one of the blinds is probably coming along too (odds, bla bla). Just don't like getting 22 in here. We have the button, we can wait for a hand that plays better in multi-way pots and/or try to get it in in lp versus less villains.
  4. Not ranging her correctly. If it looks like a duck, swims like a duck, and quacks like a duck, it's a fucking duck.
  5. If this other guy was going all-in every other hand, then your hand is golden versus his range. He might be doing this with 22+, A2+, J8+,QT+, etc etc etc, and a bunch of other random stupid hands, so your TT could be dominating a lot of the time. I'm not folding this. And I don't really care about the person yet to act. Limpers are folding more than 90% of the time (with the current action). I'd care if a nit limped UTG and I had a read, but this early, with no reads, I'd just go with my TT and be happy with my decision.
  6. I withdraw from the seminar. Forgot that Mother's day is today (in Mexico anyways), so I have to go to dinner with the family. Have a good one
  7. 2.20 - 180's ftw, no HUD needed, but it sure does help
  8. That hand is completely standard. If you're not accumulating chips in midstages, you may need to widen your shoving ranges 1. In position 2. On/near bubbles 3. Versus people stealing in position, and also opening up your calling ranges (with reads, stats, or go by position they raised from). You also need to gamble from time to time. Late in turbo 180's, if you're always getting it in as a 70/30 favorite, you're waiting too long to shove.
  9. I think PIGS are the ones that can't look up without sitting down
  10. I think a HUD is a must for sngs... as long as you ALSO take notes on people's shoving/calling ranges. If you go only by vpip/pfr/etc, your information will be considerably skewed and won't help you that much.
  11. I'd move the queen to g8 (to prevent him from getting the king out of danger), then just move the knight 3 times (C3, then D5, then E7) and it's mate I think.
  12. With no reads at all, I shove here. If villain was in earlier position, I'd probably just fold it. I do think he shows up with better sometimes, but it's still just a hijack 4x, so 99 goes in.
  13. Aight, guys, thanks for the input. It's gonna be part of Tuesday/Wednesday: Disney Studios, Magic Kingdom, Epcot Thursday: Islands of Adventure Friday: Busch Gardens Saturday: Universal Studios How's that look? And no, not much into the club scene, I'm guessing I'll just be too tired. Thanks for the help, guys
  14. Hi. I'm going to Orlando in April (for 5 nights). Can someone that's been there recently give me some tips on which parks are a must-go, and which parks I can just skip? I'm 29 btw, so probably too old for Epcot? Thanks
  15. Can someone please embed? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hHqFO3sUmyY
  16. No way. The only good thing about Disney is the purple dragon
  17. I'd recommend the book "Outliers" by Malcolm Gladwell. Check it out Whenever I start thinking that I suck at life, I just stop thinking that, and be awesome instead.... But seriously, I think that looking back on past achievements is a good way to keep moving forward. Like.... just think about it. Nobody is just meant for success. The best people at EVERYTHING have worked really hard at their craft. It's not innate for most people. So, just, take the blows as they come, and try to be the best you can be, at whatever you choose to do.
  18. ahaaha, bad op, but brought back nice simpsons memories..... Nu-cu-lar....it's pronounced "Nu-cu-lar"
  19. Definitely this + Table Ninja I was suffering from huge elbow and wrist pains from grinding so much. What helped was 1) Stacking instead of tiling 2) Evoluent mouse 3) Keeping elbows at a 90 degree angle at all times. 4) Trying to maintain a good posture at all times
  20. Marry : Orca (staple her stomach) Bang : Nubby Kill: The Dude

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