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  1. what do you consider to be the strengths and weaknesses of each of your individual games.
  2. While ultimate bet has done a good job of implementing a number of good hsmtts into there schedule with a phenomenal slow structure, the antes do not start early enough in these tournaments. I think that a lot more hsmtt players would enjoy/play these mtts if a $15 ante began at the 50-100 level. The tournaments i am speaking of are the monday 500 at 8:30 eastern, the tuesday 320 6 max at 8:30 eastern, the weds 1k at 8:30 eastern, the weds sniper at 9 eastern, the 100 cubed at 9:05 eastern, the sunday 500 at 15:00 eastern, the sunday 200 at 4:00 eastern, the sunday 100r at (i forget), and the sunday 500 6 max at (i forget).
  3. yyeah its def awful for online mtts and really dumb if they do it every week. but I am gonna win it tonight
  4. not sure who op is talking about?
  5. gboro will 4b in this exact spot versus a random probably less than 5% of the time. It certainly should only be a tiny tiny factor in determining how you want to construct ur 3b range in a spot like this. I think as OP, versus gboro, a very strong argument could be made for 3betting almost your entire continuing range in this spot, especially if he is peeling this wide.
  6. Why would the weekly draw be refundable, think it pretty clearly isn't. Not to say it wasn't extroardinary generous of the backer, but you should only give a horse you are sure will clear that kind of deal.
  7. very possible, if you are already a winner and spend all your time playing and studying, have really good bankroll management, you have a good shot.
  8. http://www.pocketfives.com/contests/3k/ this is the last 1 is it really gonna be me and kleath hu
  9. 3k tlb bet top 15 scores count. starts weds night eastern standard and finishes at the end of ftops, feb 21st I believe. Any interest?
  10. there are mad sites that do this. no one has a big enough sample size and the best mtt players in the world dont play very many mtts a year.

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