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  1. Are all of these 33 deaths related to the parent/guardian gambling? Seems that is just the total number of children who have died of heat exhaustion in cars this year and has nothing to do with the specifics of each case.
  2. **Also Posted On 2+2*** 2+2 SN: JonathanFisk Have: up to $1.5k Lock (Jonathon Fis) Want(in order of priority): Intertops @.60 (JonathonFisk), BoA @.50, ACR @.70 (JonathonFisk) or BCP @.70 (JonathonFiskk) Min $100 for any method, Max for WPN $500 I have many successful trades in 2+2 P2P Transfer Thread sending first and sending second. Will only send first to highly reputable traders with an established trading history. Please PM if interested...
  3. 16 posts and yet to name anyone... top top thread obv
  4. LOL, when I looked at your profile I just saw FTP Please and didn't look at the Intertops sn... Definitely have a lot of history, somehow it turned into you needling me every chance you get but that's ok. I've been BOOOOOPED a lot lately :) If I could get away from taking shots and playing extremely tired/hungover, I think I would improve a lot more and not have players like you wondering why I just randomly punt stacks for no apparent reason. glgl to you also and don't quit with the needling, it's actually pretty interesting table talk...
  5. To answer this question it depends on what kind of stable you are trying to join. Most that include coaching or other ways to improve the horse, they just look for a decent sample size that can show at least some profit without that profit being from just 1 big score. They look for any type of profitable player knowing the winrate will improve through them. Then there are others that will look for only the most profitable players they can find because they are only able to offer capital without any coaching. Obv all the other factors would apply also, references, reputation, etc...
  6. Grinding ABI of $15-20, I think the 40-60% range is what an above average player would expect if playing a decent volume on Revolution. I've looked up 100's of players' stats in-game and most decent regs I look up are somewhere in this range or higher through a large sample. Most of the players that can sustain a higher roi than this in the low stakes usually move up though where the edge is smaller and therefore lowering their overall roi. fwiw, my stats on Rev are: 1,437 games, ABI $21, Av ROI 62.7% And I am no where near the skill level of some of the better regs on there, so a higher
  7. Like boner is saying, prize pools don't really matter. roi is roi no matter how big the scores are. If you put in the volume it is definitely possible to grind out a living when spreading the volume across multiple networks. Would suggest Intertops on Rev though or you will never get paid and kill your bottom line selling off @.5 vig. I play a light volume and back a few people on Lock and if it weren't for vig rates, I would be making just as much or more than my current irl job. It's great for supplemental income though and when I can get myself and horses set up on all networks should de
  8. Have: $800 Lock (Jonathon Fis) Want: @.60 BoA, Chase QP(you have to have account and very reputable trader) $100 min No trading history itt but have many successful trades in 2+2 transfer thread (JonathanFisk). Willing to send first to reputable traders. Please PM if interested...
  9. Why would you post this but not let us in on what it is? Please elaborate a little...
  10. Completely agree. The only "crime" Raymer did here would be between he and his wife I would guess. Other than that, gtfo, police gonna police I guess... Why didn't the police go uc as the john and try to actually take down a prostitution ring?
  11. Title had me fully expecting some rando bracelet winner no one has ever heard of, but this delivers.
  12. Most of this show is meh and the episode with Patrick Wilson was unbearable to watch, but it has it's moments. Allison Williams is pretty damn hot and Adam's character is very intriguing to me.
  13. DALY tho... Pro golfer that isn't a household name is the obv choice
  14. I admit the NBA ref skit was a decent laugh, but this show is too painful to watch just to try and find one 5min skit per show that is even bearable.
  15. Had to share this video, song is beyond amazing but this video just had me completely taken away.
  16. Wow, just noticed Sea Wolf hiding in the third row from bottom.
  17. Both lineups are amazing to be honest. They should just make one huge week long festival out of both lineups, or add Red Hot Chili, MGMT, FTP, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Dr Dog, and Atlas Genius to the Bonnaroo lineup and I would overpay by atleast $1k to be there. Btw, one of the hidden gems in the Bonnaroo lineup is by far Beach House, you wouldn't be disappointed if you happen to catch their set. I will be there but am most looking forward to Grizzly Bear, just hope I at least remember some of it. Oh and Wilco obv!!!!
  18. Have: $500 Lock (Jonathon Fis) Want: $420 ACR (JonathonFisk) Willing to send first to reputable traders only.
  19. aaahhhhhhh...oops, hope I didn't get that on anyone
  20. Nice one norv, was just throwing a random number out there but I'll bite... McKayla, 17, looks her age maybe a bit older, not by much but if I didn't know who she was I would guess somewhere around 17-19 (Now if she starts talking then that's a different story, but obv that doesn't matter here) Selena, 20. If I didn't know who she was I would guess somewhere around 14-15. Her body just doesn't look matured and her face has no distinctive features(baby face). But yes, by these figures and using the other post the 13 number is spot on. On a side note, was checking Selena's imdb page
  21. nah, but I'm guessing if I ever pick up a heroin addiction, rehab that shit out, and then relapse, this may very well be the song that plays
  22. haha, I remember thinking like that when first starting to play on Paradise back in the day(2003/04 I believe). Like "Holy shit, no way that guy calls there unless he sees my cards," "The fucking beats only happen to me and I lose every flip possible!" Then you get a little better at poker and think "I wish I could go back a year and punch that me in the fcking nuts!" Hell I can't believe I said shit like that to people and THEY avoided dick punching me. Then again, I didn't have any friends that could beat online poker either.
  23. At my mom's bar last night and am only drinking Coke.. Old Lady: "why are you staying away from the beer tonight?" Me: "Trying this whole 30day sobriety thing out and see if I can follow through with it." OL: "Why, did you wreck your car, knock someone up or something?" Me: "Nah, just spent a week in Vegas and my body hates me for it." OL: "Vegas doesn't count, are you kidding?" Then 10 mins later... Bartender: "You want to try one of the Budweiser Black Crowns" Me: " Ah, fck it!" I made it 8 days, still pretty good effort though
  24. In the pics where her lips aren't distracting from the rest of her= holyfuckingshitballs hot In the pics where her lips are a distraction(some reason they just look pretty weird to me)= fucking hot No matter what pic though, that body is top top
  25. Maroney>>>>>>>>>>>...Gomez Selena still looks 10yrs old to me

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