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  1. karahhhyo on ftp like 1900 for first kthxbye
  2. welll ty ty so much for the rails last night! I could hardly sleep! I took work off today since i had the best day of poker and best day of work of my life, and nowww i am prolly bein dumb but gunna play a 109 dollar tourney to celebrate :) stop by if u want <3 u guys :)
  3. lol plzzzzzzzzzzzzz Wretchy taught me some new language. So i must be a guy lol.
  4. Omg jealous much? I haven't cashed out this much, but I've cashed out some. Dont open my threads if u just wanna be a bitch. I didnt say anything to u when u just won the other night.
  5. I have cashed out BTW lol. I already sent in my id last time. Thanks for your concern tho daddy.
  6. transfers went thru, eggiebets is in. Blufhard u just play a 26 tomorrow or whenever and same rules plz
  7. if it doesnt go through until my cashout just play what u want and i dont want 50 percent. I sent the both though :(
  8. i cashed out 5k after that tourny will that make a difference gosh this is the worst stake post ever :(
  9. Idk what the hold up is. It still says processing. Just get in, I promise it's on the way
  10. Sent to both says processing glgl
  11. eggie and blufhard get it, Eggie btw my name isnt kara my sn is an inside joke but ty for compliments gl guys!
  12. 2 stakes 2 the 26 dollar buy in 10k on ftp starting in 20 min! just make me smile! half split btw :)
  13. PokerBish

    Yay me!

    Lol all of your posts have come in my threads, Seems like my "whoring" is definetly working on you.
  14. PokerBish

    Yay me!

    6 ppl is way more than the amount of ppl that have probably even bothered to click ur profile and see who you are.

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