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  1. I will be streaming both 20k gtd's and a few other MTT's today live on http://www.twitch.tv/theoddsandouts @ 4p.m. CT time with a 4 min delay, music and commentary
  2. Ty, and look forward to it. I see lots of new tourneys added to the schedule, so tyvm for the continued improvement.
  3. A few suggestions from a daily player @ WPN. 1. Showdown hands at Ring games. We pay for the information, and WPN is the only one not letting us see them at the ring games. 2. 45's/90's and 180's, I'm sure you have had numerous requests. I will be the first one to advertise this in every forum including my twitch streaming channel. Make them available at every buy in level. And watch you site grow and eventually take over bovada and any other competitors. 3. Auto bet sizing buttons that can be preset for tourneys and ring games 4. Zoom poker, Zone, or whatever names that other sites are using for it. Some of us grinders want to be able to get more hands in per hour instead of sitting at 9 tables waiting for players to act. (It also prevents a chance of collusion) I'll keep the list short for now. I have several suggestions and I want to see WPN be the biggest online site in U.S. this year and eventually worldwide.
  4. How do I become a member of the pocketfives tv? I am a daily streamer and wonder if there is something I have to do to get on the list?
  5. I would like to get added to the stream list. I am a daily streamer/poker player @ http://www.twitch.tv/realitypoker. Thanks in advance on how to go about doing this.
  6. Getting a late start, just seen you guys are hosting a league again. See everyone there and good luck (FunPlayer101)
  7. Ok I just signed up to the site. I also see that you are hosting a $200 tomorrow for the league. How do I get into the league. I used to play the league when you hosted it on NLOP
  8. Was just curious. All the other WPN sites are tracked by pocketfives except BETCOIN.
  9. How long on average does it take to reflect tourney winnings on my profile? I have cashed in a few tourneys with my BCP username HookLineSinker, and it has not reflected them yet?????
  10. We are at 2226 right now and need 276 more players to get this tourney started!!!! Come join the fun and have a chance at getting a CAGE tourney seat. ‘Freerolls On Demand’ are now in even greater demand thanks to a $500 version that is coming soon! This tourney will open for registration on Friday, October 17th at 12pm ET and it will start when there are 2,502 players registered. In addition to the $500 prize pool, the top-9 finishers will get a seat to the $30+$3 The Cage Satellite to be played on Monday, October 20th at 5:30pm ET
  11. I had a 1st place win at BCP like two days ago and my username is HookLineSinker. I did not see any results on my profile, can anyone help with this?
  12. Have: $ 5 Netspend or Amazon Want: $ 5 ACR (RobbingUBlind) or BCP (HookLineSinker) P.M. For details or any questions. Need to get this done by today if possible Thanks in advance.
  13. See you there at the league on Tuesday. Just finished playing in the $1000 weekly tourney and took it down for a nice score of $400 first place finish. Good luck to all at the tables and see you soon.
  14. Send some of the rungood to me over at ACR! Great stories guys and keep up the good work! Also make sure you have some fun with the winnings, but even better, now you have a great starting poker bankroll. Stick to strict BR management and do not give it back. Good luck on the virtual felt
  15. FINAL TABLE!!! Sitting in 6th with 9 left. Let's see if I can get some chips and get higher on the leaderboard.
  16. Final Table just started sitting in 7th place. Let's see if I can get some chips and finish strong.
  17. Sitting in 7th with 11 left. I have had some monsters get out flopped the last few hands and stuggling to keep in there. I need some serious run good to make another final table and have a shot at that Hoodie!
  18. Good luck to all !!! I will see you the tables tonight. I am in search of the ever elusive "HOODIE"
  19. 40k sitting in 3rd with 11 to go. I want that hoodie too rebel!!!!!!
  20. Promo code P5WEEK3X2 not working. I have tokens, just thought you might want to know.
  21. That is sad to hear and hopefully the right the wrong for you. This is going to start making people skeptical about online playing if actions continue to happen, and defiantly will not do any good for getting it regulated in more states.

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