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  1. cashed in a couple mtts in the past couple days but my most recent cash shown on my profile is may 6th? how long do they take to show up?
  2. no way... i work for a shop that specializes in selling seagulls and Im gonna have to disagree with that statement. Martin, Taylor, and Gibson rule the acoustic world....im a taylor guy myself. 614ce is my main acoustic axe.
  3. all that happened in Newport Beach? i lived in Huntington Beach for a while...inst NB supposed to have one of the lowest crime rates in CA?
  4. just to clarify....my gf and i have been together for a long time and have had plenty of sex. She has a new roomie moving in and ive been teasing my gf saying im gonna scream lex style the first time we do it with her in the house. twould be hilarious
  5. should i pull one of these? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2ZSyCuj3jQ
  6. just to clear things up a bit...man DID go to the moon but the footage aired on TV was fake. In fact, the US military/NASA hired famed film director/producer Stanley Kubrick specifically for the task of creating the footage because they were impressed with what he'd done with "2001" and other films. He even revealed this through use of symbology in his later film "The Shining". A great documentary about it came out recently called "Kubrick's Odyssey", check it out, definitely worth a view as its only 50 mins or so
  7. ill start NES - Super Contra SNES - Zelda - Link to the Past Sega Genesis - Mortal Kombat PS1 - Twisted Metal 2 N64 - Mario Kart 64 PS3 - MW2 PC - Counterstrike (duh) these were actually tough decisions with many honorable mentions not mentioned. ur turn d00dz some screen shot nostalgia would be nice too regardless of your picks. sorry if this has been done
  8. not only did they record it on tape but if you actually buy the physical cd, they cut the actual tape itself up into over a million pieces and put a piece inside each cd sleeve. very cool!
  9. confirmed easy and quick trade with Nimbus. thumbs up
  10. have $800 stars (Busturshnutz) need $800 FTP (smackind00dz) successful trades ITT , PM me
  11. they have a nice feature where you can copy n paste a HH from ur current table and it will look up everyones basic stats for you
  12. harsh critics ITT. i thought norm did just fine and the action was great!
  13. have 5k UB (Dogbomb) need 5k Stars or FTP (Busturshnutz and smackind00dz) previous successful trades ITT
  14. have 4k UB/AP (Dogbomb) need 4k FTP (smackind00dz) or Stars (Busturshnutz) successful trades ITT, would prefer increments tho
  15. actually i just meant nice collared shirts that aren't too dressy
  16. nice ones to go out in etc. online or not
  17. need $2000 Stars (Busturshnutz) have $2000 UB (dogbomb) have multiple successful trades ITT
  18. have $2000 UB (dogbomb) need $2000 FTP (smackind00dz) need $2000 Stars (Busturshnutz) i have previous successful trades ITT
  19. omg so lame...i was stoked about double guarantee week too

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