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  1. Shippage i crushed the FT. 523 runners in a 4.40 good for 523. Havent played on tilt in over a year and said fuck it and threw a 100 in the ol account and bink. I like this rush poker.
  2. Just 2 weeks ago i got my first BJ while grinding. My fiancee is very plus EV lol.
  3. 1. Favorite Live Pro? 2. How do you always seem to pick the right spots to 4 and 5 bet? 3. Can I PLEASE be 1 of your horses or at least consider it? Like maybe try it out for a week or something of that nature. I think my account will be blessed with a dose of run like god if u transfer me funds lol.
  4. Scuba9939

    Rail Call

    8/27 in 8.80 2r1a weeeeeeeeee. Play under the name sparr99 on stars.
  5. Finally I used it lastnight and today. It's only for Macs right now but windows is coming in the next few days.

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