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  1. 2013 PLB Bet

    $ send to luckyno75 on PS, congrats and GL to everyone for '14.
  2. 2013 PLB Bet

    Free party tonight! :D
  3. 2013 PLB Bet

    So i can assume that she won!? :) I send the money to her?
  4. help me!

    if you suck at poker it might be a better way to have fun and loose the minimum.. Guess that's what you are trying to say?
  5. Fold pre. if you end up hitting trips then end up folding. If you hit a flush and the action is similair, you are folding as well? So what are you trying to achieve? Flopping monsters, then trying to hero fold? You have position, you elect to screw it up and the advantage you have by raising. You polorize your range, making it harder to get value form worst in a limped pot. What did you expect villain(s) where calling there if you where going to raise? you think on a 944 board, villain will bet/call, check/call, check/call with 9x?
  6. how do you achieve position,

    By folding the SB
  7. 20 tabling the Sunday Million.

    they all win more chips then they loose on average.
  8. http://jorj95.net/2013/04/one-month-one-million-vpps-negative-ten-pounds-and-profit/
  9. Congrats Flush Entity

    grats! nice brithday present! :) And nice to see internetguys win live mtts!
  10. ronnieb122 prop bet with himself

    lol .. plz dont hit a 1K score and make pictures #fckedforlife!
  11. multi brags ITT

    grats, first of many ;-) Enjoy it
  12. Official Winamax Support and Promotions Thread

    Then put the standard on 60 min but allow people to change it to 12 hours or anything. If i open my lobbies, reg all mtts and then its closed by the time it starts and im to busy to notice it was time for the tournament to start. I missed it once already.
  13. Your a coach??fo real?

    If the student cant pick a coach whos decent, any other person could probably teach him some basics in poker so even the nut worst coach would be capable of helping this idiot who buys coaching hours with a guy who's not good at poker.. and @ allani; I hope for you you are a gimmick account. Or that you are smarter and wiser then you claim to be. And B) i never said you are a loosing player, who knows. I said "you might actually win some money @ poker".. winning a few $s is fun. winning thousands is a lot more fun....
  14. Your a coach??fo real?

    what defines a coach for being a scammer? He offers a service. people are willing to pay the price he asks.. Seems like fair business.. A scam would be a guy who would sell coaching, then never shows up and leaves you with nothing while hes got the money. A guy who offers a service and you dont like the content/quality of the service. you: A) dont buy it again B) get a refund (if offered) C) dont buy it to begin with. If the guy/coach is delivering a bad service for the price he's asking, he wont be getting a lot of students. In the end it will speak for itself. You are a waste of time allani. I know you are a gimmick account and probably not as retarded as your action on this forum are but if you put that time and energy into your game you might actually win some money @ poker.
  15. Official Winamax Support and Promotions Thread

  16. Your a coach??fo real?

    If the noobie doesnt have the energy to find it himself. why is the coach overcharging? (flex)
  17. RLOG!

    Grats! One of the good guys! :)
  18. Hotrunner of the month - March - sign up thread!

    It looks like Kleath gets richer then he already is.. Was fun everyone. I will contact kleath for the money and send it tomorrow. Just to make sure no new scores roll-in and kleath stays #1.
  19. What separates a good MTT player from the great ones? (online)

    ding ding ding ding ding ding
  20. What separates a good MTT player from the great ones? (online)

    they win more then the other ones..
  21. Hotrunner of the month - March - sign up thread!

    GL all.. if anyone wins a sunday major he might still be on top.. So things are still open up top.
  22. Official Winamax Support and Promotions Thread

    Please fix the timeout option and dont log-out of the client. Or at least give it the option not to. VERY annoying.
  23. Hotrunner of the month - March - sign up thread!

    1/7 ftp 162$.. got a fan though... basic_elements: the magic of KQo clearly made it a call who could say no there rh300487: lol ze german is tilted? basic_elements: look even if i was tilted basic_elements: that would still be your a-game basic_elements: u fkin ape rh300487: yeah, unfortunately i wont be as good as you. but who cares when you are as lucky as me basic_elements: being a stupid monkey winning a bit at poker unfortuinately doesnt make oyu ultimately lucky but im glad you perceive it that way rh300487: gg cap capeta333 (Observer): gg gl basic_elements: he your mate ? basic_elements: i bet his name is joao rh300487: no ppl in brazil are social overal. rh300487: L O L basic_elements: wp basic_elements: its pretty hard basic_elements: to play 1 hand well isnt it basic_elements: i mean im not sure who ure lol'ing at basic_elements: but youre a joke rh300487: played it wel. i got the chips what are you whining? basic_elements: expected a response that made zero sense tope90210 (Observer): hes angry he keeps getting owned rh300487: make .. not made.. ze germansss basic_elements: im not sure what youre commenting on rh300487: *makes.. forgot the s. but you didnt notice prob. basic_elements: i keep noticing the same thing basic_elements: ure a stupid degenerated ape from a poor country with on understanding of the game and like all the fking monkeys who got carried here by positive variance you think ure good rh300487: lol im dutch. so im close to neighbours. good to see you know where you are standing though basic_elements: enjoy the ride lets hope it doesnt end too soon basic_elements: well then i guess basic_elements: makes a small difference basic_elements: i guess basic_elements: i have 2 good friends in the netherlands rh300487: surprised to see you have friends, the way you acting here.. basic_elements: but i guess every country has its idiots basic_elements: actually 3 good dutch friends basic_elements: yea true im socially inept since i think ure a moron tope90210 (Observer): lol basic_elements (Observer): grats rh300487: tschuzzz basic_elements (Observer): u got it done CMW3011 (Observer): so funny tope90210 (Observer): gg basic_elements (Observer): we'll have a lot of fun tope90210 (Observer): ul basic_elements (Observer): here i nthe future basic_elements (Observer): actually basic_elements (Observer): lets play HU right now u stupid &&%%&% basic_elements (Observer): cmon lets play HU man basic_elements (Observer): ill sit a 1k table join rh300487: gg basic rh300487: was fun playing with you and chatting. basic_elements (Observer): yo join my table basic_elements (Observer): lets play hu basic_elements (Observer): cmon lets quit the talking basic_elements (Observer): just sit and lets play it out basic_elements (Observer): not coming ? basic_elements (Observer): u know what u are basic_elements (Observer): a fkin clown who wouldnt even beat nl50 basic_elements (Observer): thought so Skubidu888: nice call rh300487: nice hold. basic_elements (Observer): hey why arent u coming oh i know why basic_elements (Observer): the dutch bloke has a lot to say @ the tabl basic_elements (Observer): e basic_elements (Observer): but he wont sit me HU basic_elements (Observer): not so confident in your abilities ? rh300487: gg gl all rh300487: dont go all basic_elemnts on me pls :P
  24. Just jumping in here. contests are great motivation! Gl all! :)
  25. Sumpas

    Saw him this week during FTOPs

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