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  1. Prob shouldn't call the ref a mother fucker to his face after you just got T'd up lol
  2. I haven't got my $, chill out. You should prob know what you're getting into when you play on a US site these days.
  3. VFF Req: 3/11 App: 3/11 Proc: ? Rec: ? Debit Req: 3/15 App: 3/15 Rec: 3/21 Check Req: 3/17 App: 3/17 Rec: 3/22 Debit Req: 3/24 App: 3/24 Rec: ? Check Req: 3/27 App: 3/27 Rec: 3/30
  4. Well at least tread anticipated this so it doesn't really count. #Pac12Soft
  5. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RP5Y4lISF0s http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x_GShxXtLx4
  6. VFF Req: 10/9 App: 10/10 Rec: ? Check Req: 10/13 App: 10/16 Rec: ? VFF Req: 10/16 App: 10/18 Rec: ? Check Req: 10/19 App: 10/20 Rec: ? VFF Req: 10/21 App: ? Rec: ? Definitely taking longer to get approvals and funds, looks like they are slowly flowing in though.
  7. They brought in Lockie and everyone in our section seemed stoked and started chanting for him and all I could think of is that's not a good sign, even though he did lead a TD drive right away. Majority of our fans are pretty short sighted/delusional tho

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