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  1. He was the biggest obstacle for online poker with his casino ownership position and political influence, mainly with Trump.
  2. I don't see it as an option any longer. Did they change the name? I know of sharkscope it shows under WPN. Anybody know? I'm curious too.
  3. Online ACR 6 Million GTD starts 11/27. I’ll be playing Flight D on 12/8. 1st place is GTD $1,000,000 $2,650 buy-in Selling 50% at 1.25 mark up 50% - $1,325 x 1.25 = $1,656.25 25% - $662.50 x 1.25 = $828.13 10% - $265 x 1.25 = $331.25 WainscottLandServices@gmail.com is my business e-mail
  4. Well she and the baby would not be coming with me originally. He's due in early February and she's going to stay here and hold down the fort for a while. I wanted to give this a month or two trial before the new year comes through and see how things go. If I was able to do well I would have them move up north with me months after he's born as she has a lot of family up there. I've got some good PMs coming through so I'll see what happens. Anyone know how difficult it is to make the xfer? I have passport but do not know what I would need to do other than set up a checking account there and get my documents sent to ftp and stars.
  5. Yeah I got the details from Kristen at PR this afternoon. It's awesome that I won't have my FTP bankroll if and when I leave as we have to go through the DOJ to get those funds. Going to have to bring a new bankroll.
  6. I've been doing oil and gas work much to my dismay since black friday. Everything is freezing up and contracts are becoming less likely until next year. My amazing lady and I are having our first child soon and I would like to put together some savings. I am seeking roommates that are about moving to Toronto for a while to earn. I would consider Costa Rica if it's on the table. I've been in touch with Poker Refugees and am going to entertain the free consultation, but at the end of the day I have to do what makes the most sense financially so if money can be saved without going through them then I will take that route. Let me know if you are interested or if you are already out of the country and need a roommate.
  7. i don't even know what localface means but if this were the moneymaker days and i was drunk and saw this ide have said we have to settle it like gentleman and 50nlhu
  8. Might be a good story after all I got the chipleader ship http://www.pokernews.com/live-reporting/2011-2012-wsop-circuit-event-harrah-s-new-orleans/main-event/#post-203013
  9. yah the 100 is black and the 5k is gray price I pay for wearing the shades. bagged up 48,500 tho for day1A, come back tomm at 2 just glad I didn't put the punt team on the field after that mistake, busted that guy and got my 5k chip back 10 min from end of day one :-)
  10. I wasn't looking for an answer to a question just saying I ate it and back to starting stack.
  11. Yah folds to me in mp I raise 5300 thinking the grey chip is a 100. If there's a thread for this already can you get me there WJ or other p5s rep
  12. I'm sure she's a sweet girl. I'm not as hot but PokerNews might give me her job after ours gets put together. Thanks for all the input and will put the link in here when it's done right
  13. "Let's see how good I can really run" Brandon Cantu 2008 wsop after 3bet calling a shove with T5off with 22 left.
  14. ex: "How do you call there?!" "You call it's all over baby"- Scotty "I've got the nuts" - Darvin Moon
  15. Story of my life haha, hopefully I'll get to ask him in person one day. Thanks!
  16. I don't know if ya'll have seen online the "Sh*t Girls say" clips but it's kinda funny. I was wanting to get a thread on "Sh*t Poker Players Say" with funny things we say in relation to the game, how we run etc. Gonna put together a video clip with the lines posted on here so be creative don't be lazy.
  17. cashed 32nd in the PLO, 36th in the Turbo and 77th in the Main Event, not a bad end to the circuit. the chipleader that won the TJ series in Oct there has my last 300k chips, suuuucks.
  18. made day 2 of the plo. Last hand of the night at 1500/3k an ep player (about 9bbs to start) pots it and I look down at double suited AKKQ (with about 17bbs to start) and repot to iso. He flips over 89TJ double suited SAME SUITS! he flops a 9 I flop an A he rivers an 8. Coming in at 3pm wil 31k at 2k/4k, 38 left, 36 cashes.
  19. Adda kid TXpoker, I meant to hit you up. I'll be back for the PLO and thennnnn.
  20. Played Event #1 and #2 this weekend, both $345 buy ins. 1st took 60k and 50k respectably. Main event is next weekend. Should be an amazing prize pool. Who will be there?
  21. If I were playing a game of flash cards (12 tabling) this would be autoshove and what happens happens. I have heard from really good players that they would pull what's called a "chop". This play is where you would three bet from the sb basically committing your stack. In some spots this would seem stronger than a shove.
  22. The reason I could see him having KK is because we were so deep and if I were in his position, I would probably flat the 4bet with KK to see a flop with no A. And GJallen I wasn't making fun of you I was just trying to display how much I would rather not take that route. I have played AA like that before and no matter what two cards I have I want to take control oop preflop so it makes it easier to maneuver the hand on later streets.

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