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  1. hey, want 5%... i send the money now, ok?? could you please confirm?? thanks and gl
  2. do you still have any % left?? i would like 5% let me know... where can i see your stats??
  3. reserve 5% please m8... i`ll ship the money ASAP (before sunday) or let you know anything else, ok??
  4. Hi, i just got to my computer... let me know tomorrow as early as possible if u are gonna play... if you are, i hope i can do the transfer on time for the 10% i said. gl
  5. i might take 10%... i confirm tonight, ok?? so please reserve in the meantime.
  6. perfect!!! we´ll be in touch!! gl
  7. reserve 5%... i´ll let u know tonight or early tomorrow, ok??
  8. 10% reserve?? i confirm tonight when I get home.
  9. yeah m8, i had trouble too with the page!!! we´ll be in contact... gl
  10. hey bro, you still have some %?? i would like 1 or 2% let me know.
  11. i will stake you for a $5 tourney... you interested??
  12. lol... that is some perseverance!!! if Kitch16 puts 50%, i will throw the other 50%, but again, practice in the meantime and show some results!!!
  13. m8, i made it 10% instead of 5%, is that ok?? if u dont have avaiable the other 5% just ship it back to me... no problem. i made the transfer to Pokerstars for $12.30 from joedlo78 please confirm.
  14. m8, transfer has been done to Pokerstars for 2% 5 minutes ago from joedlo78 please confirm... gl bro!!!

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