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  1. You’re going to be putting like 40-50k miles a year on this. Huge financial mistake to spend that kind of money. If comfort is more important than your finances, the TLX is a great option, but I would spend like 4-5k on a reliable Toyota/Nissan.
  2. I’ll take 4 in the $50 if available
  3. No franchisees are normally required to carry their own insurance.
  4. Super jealous! I always preferred the South course but they were both pretty similar. You can’t go wrong with either. The resort wasn’t finished when I was out there but it looked like it was going to be spectacular. I heard there is a Top Golf across the street now and Old Town, where all the bars and nightlife are, is a short Uber ride from Talking Stick. Have a blast!
  5. Talking Stick Resort has two great courses to get some rust off. Relatively simple but solid layouts, always in mint condition. The resort also has the biggest/best casino in AZ. The feature course of my trip would be WeKoPa, both courses are phenomenal. Boulders is gorgeous but course is a little funky. You also can’t go wrong with any of the Troon courses. There are dozens of other great options but I preferred the courses on the outskirts of town opposed to courses in the middle of Scottsdale/Phoenix. Stay in the east valley.
  6. Anybody got any putting alignment tips/drills? I’ve always had a pretty open stance and putting was always the better part of my game. Over the winter I tried to get a bit more technical as I would have days where I’d be a little off and hitting the putt solid was a challenge. Now I’m completely fucked in the head and can’t get comfortable over the ball. Weird thing is I am most uncomfortable over right to left putts. When I’m over the balls it feels as though if I brought putter straight back and straight through I would miss a foot left. Help!
  7. I’m taking quick golf trip down to Nashville in April and we were thinking of going to the Shoals on the RTJ Golf Trail in Alabama. It would be a lot of driving for a 3 day trip so wondering if anyone has any recommendations closer to the Nashville area?
  8. I’m in insurance and this is a pretty simple question. If the car was to be totaled, can you afford to pay for another car out of pocket? Or can he go without a car if this car gets totaled? The answer to that should answer your question. In my opinion, a $7500 car should be fully insured 100% of the time. Get a quote for just liability and quote for full coverage. I’m guessing it will be a $300-$500 a year difference.
  9. How’s this for a bad beat. I’m an investing noob. Have tried to make a couple bitcoin moves but ended up buying back in for slightly higher price than I sold for, obv getting whacked in fees in the process. However yesterday I sold around $16.9k! However, instead of selling my 2 btc, I somehow only sold .2 btc. Fuck
  10. Lol touché. Fwiw, it's mind boggling to me they do t see how easy this. I came here expecting to get flamed but to also have something to help shine some light on the fact that they have a severe case of tard and need to seek help.
  11. Can we please refrain from stating the obvious.
  12. 6 people left in pool. We have Green Bay, Seattle, Arizona, and Carolina still available. Pool is located in Patriots country. Argument: what's the better pick. NE vs Browns or Jets vs Steelers Wug?
  13. 36 hole club championship finals match today. Still struggling with the swing but think i found something on the back 9 of my match yesterday. #bombitdownthefairwaybitches
  14. No Haha def do sway and I see the lack of hip rotation but I'm still in pretty good shape and I'm only 30! Never noticed what a stiff I look like until these videos. I've always been pretty athletic, but not very flexible. Maybe some hip exercises will help. Going to focus on getting the torso aimed at the target today. I'll try and step back a touch and see if that helps with the hip rotation. I'm off to the range now and men's league afterwards. I appreciate all the advice!
  15. Any small fundamental issues you see? Not something I'm going to change prior to this weekend, I've just never had my swing analyzed and I'm interested to hear others thoughts.
  16. Thanks so much for posting those! Backstory: I'm a 2 hndcp and play a pretty routine game. I have average distance, average ball striking but pretty good short game. Just recently I developed the pull hooks with the occasional smother pull hook. I somehow putted and chipped my way into quarter finals of club championship but need to hit the ball better to have any success this weekend. Not looking for a swing overhaul but just a couple swing thoughts/small corrections to help me find the club face again. FYI- I should be scratch or better but I drink and those were my first swings at the driving range this year.
  17. Way too soon and completely innapropiate. Having said that, I startled my sleeping gf when I lol'd.
  18. I'm a 2 handicap and I don't know what the fuck he's talking about 90% of the time. It's probably to his detriment how much thinking he puts into his game. Can't imagine his pre shot thought process. Having said that, I wish I had the passion to get better that he does. I haven't been to a driving range in years.
  19. Lived in Scottsdale for 5 years. Played poker and golfed, thats about it. Surprised Zags said Karsten... It might crack my top 30 in Phoenix. Talking Stick is a fun course, nothing special, but good condition and right next to the casino. Troon North is correct. TPC if money isnt an issue. There is better value out there and better scenery, but conditions will be mint and its always cool to play a course the pros play. Phoenician is awful. Boulders is funky layout but absolutely beautiful. Youd be doing yourself a huge disservice if you didn't take 1.5 hour drive up to Sedona and play 7 Canyons. Cant stress that enough. We-Ko-PA has two must play courses. Dont bother checking out any casinos besides Talking Stick. Edit: If youre in the East Valley, Quintero is hour away. Go to Sedona if youre willing to makew that drive
  20. If you like to gamble on the course, the best game is is bridge, ainec. You and partner against two others. Determine who bids on odd/even holes. You determine your bid based upon What you think you're combined score will be or.... What you think your opponents score will be. My group is normally comprised of 0-6 handicaps for reference. Example. 1st hole is a moderate par 4. My partner and I bid 9. We could easily bid 8 but there are bunkers all down left and one of our opponents miss is left, he also can't play for shit out of the bunker. (They have the option to leave it and play for 8 points, or double and play for 16 points if they don't think we can make out bid, and if they double, we can redouble and play for 32 points if we are confident. We play dollar points but you can choose whatever you want.(I've won and lost almost $400 in a round at $1 points). We hope they go 8 because of said bunkers. They go 8. We double, they redouble. They make a 5 and a 4, we win 32 points. If they make 8 or better they win 32 points. Also, if you bid under par, bid of 7 on par 4, it doubles the points if you make your bid... It doesn't double the points if you don't make it. The game is won on the tee boxes. Figured since this is a poker forum, everyone will love this game as much as I do. Also, we always play a 25/50 or 50/100 Nassau with $2 junk. We like to gamble.
  21. I don't think this is the right spot to ask these questions, but I'll answer. First off you need a plan. Before you three bet you should already know what you're going to do if he piles. Second, your 3 bet is too big. Third, without any history with original raiser, I think it's a good spot to flat. With no history(you didn't mention any) I don't like getting 30+ bb in pre with an utg open
  22. Anybody play the golf version of bridge? By far the best gambling game to do on the course.
  23. Skeeze, could you explain how you find these deals again. I know you have before but I cannot find that post. Thanks!
  24. My adaptive cruise control is a pain in the ass. Slams on the breaks when it notices someone going slower and floors it once I change lanes.

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