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  1. adamyid shaundeeb jasonmercier vovtroy cal42688 georgedanzer Isildur1 SixthSenSe19
  2. yeah its been 5 days now. longest ever. I am going to try email them again. Just really weird. usually they have amessage in red saying tourneys are delayed. But nothing like this this time.
  3. Anyone have any idea on OPR? No updated results for 4 days. they usually say that results are delayed but not this time. First time this has ever happened??
  4. You got upgraded about 2 months ago (y)
  5. is this gotjuice guy serious .. shut the f up. ur trying to get viewers for ur bff to make money u douche u spamming little retrd
  6. LOL. My story checks out. Guy was massive massive agro FISH big time. Why I love this game! Actually offends me that people are this naive!
  7. if it was the micro mills main, everyone had zero idea whatsoever except the guy who won bsapples guy... he boss the shit out of everyone of those pussies. I watched most of that ft and I would have remembered if anyone had a brain except the pro who won it, but i have been wrong before
  8. wish twitch ran on macs then I would be a 'friend of pokerstars' already. well possibly.
  9. yeah dawG!!! time to crush... Personally i would only play spin and goes and things like this to keep up vpps. ie maintain platinum. But Do not try maintain this every month if it taking away from your roi. Sticking to a weekly plan is pretty essential. Personally sitting there 7 days a week only playing large field mtts grinding them out each day is far too stressful and involves more thought. You can clearly play mtts only and play like a bot and not be stressed but thats pointless since you will have an roi of 5 percent like many dumn cunt grinders. So mixing in sngs when you want to chill more but still grind up some vpps and some lower variance profit is necessary... yeah no matter how disciplined you are you will find yourself clicking buttons 18 tabling registering everything real late night/morning cause your down 500-1k or watever it is, but this shouldn't happen very often. Leaving down a few hundred and accepting and moving to next day is important... your hard work is paying off and will continue! Ps think KittyCat94 likes you
  10. I nearly hope all of the employees who make the decisions die of ****
  11. Moral of the story email them and berate them. I ecomplain and piss them off. Also tell them how moronic they are about stars 7
  12. you are the first person to say anything positive. FIRST. They tried to make a new version to help retards with extra information seriously. But they ironically fucked up by using excessive information and over clogging areas. The white background in tourney lobby is a disgrace. Anyway I assume you 3 table 10c/20c cash so all the new issues will never affect you.
  13. the dum cunts listened about rake changes eventually. i even seen people posting that theres actual issues on pc.... I am getting a pc anyway for another poker technical reason.. anyway prob going to be less traffic in abi 10 plus mtts this w/e cause of these dum cunts
  14. Can one single person reply here and say the new client is better? There is over 1000 complaints on 2plus2. Have a look under 'internet poker'. Everyone knows now that every single mac user thinks the new stars7 is a disgrace. What can we do this time to get the attention of this arrogant company? We got their scum attention last time with rake changes. this is a serious issue as thousands of Mac users can not play more than ten tables now.
  15. Nah man dont think you can download the 888 version. can only use shit internet one... i still use pokercopilot cause when i tried tracker it tilted me trying to even open or work it from memory. nneeeed to try again though...
  16. BTW Jaxon. I like the continual small improvements made on pocket fives. the 'other' site is really a disgrace in many ways. This one will surpass it soon.
  17. sorry man I should have mentioned I have used my mac for over 3 years grinding! Also complain as much as possible about the lag etc etc of stars 7. Thank to god (not religious, figure of speech), stars 6 is still available for mac users. Go onto 2+2 - internet poker - stars 7. 60 pages of posts. U will see my massive rants and abuse. PLEASE add here it is important.
  18. So I need/want to upgrade things in general on the technical side. I want to try playing on other sites other than stars and see how easy the money is v the traffic etc etc... Dilemma - I refuse to grind without hot keys (reasons do not need to be elaborated). I went to investigate 'stack and tile' for the first time today and found it only supports windows. Ill never bother wasting my time with any of those parallels or bootcamp shit. Fuck that. So whats the solution? Does the mac need to be ditched for online grinding?

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