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  1. billinga

    wtf UB?

    I cannot get back in. I dont see the tourney listed anywhere. I have tried logging off and on as well.
  2. billinga

    wtf UB?

    Yeah I was in the 30 rebuy as well and it crashed as well. I see other tourneys still playing. Weird.
  3. The broadcast schedule is under the WSOP live tab on the worldseriesofpoker website. I tried to register for the pay version and for some reason I keep getting declined. I put a message on the Bluff forum but I have not gotten a response yet this morning.
  4. I live 400 miles from the nearest casino so playing live is not a viable option for me. I am screwed.
  5. Even though I am more a "lurker" than a poster on this site, I would definitely be interested in this challenge. If we keep to those tourneys at night I should be able to make all of them that you listed. The 10:40 tourney will be rough since I am on the East Coast, but if I want to take this game seriously then I can lose some sleep.
  6. billinga

    No deposit

    Really?? It sure sounds like there are alot of people with bigger bankrolls by all the reading I do here. In any case I am happy with the progress so far. It is nice to have a hobby that does not cost any money and can actually earn a buck or two.
  7. billinga

    No deposit

    I never made a deposit either. January 2005 I won $10 in a Bet365.com freeroll and then played .05/.10 limit poker. Now close to 20 months later I have over 20k as a bankroll which does not include money I have taken out to take the wife on vacation, buy presents for the kids etc. I know it is small compared to the regulars here, but I am proud of the progress.
  8. Well this thread finally got me off my lazy butt to actually register for the forum. The Fox 100k project pushed me to give my own project a try. I started my own blog at billingapoker.blogspot.com. I started that blog because I always read that if you want to increase your chances of success then you should set goals and then make those goals public. I did not think that anyone would ever read it. I never thought to post a link here because I am not sure how many of you would be interested in it. I know that several/most of you are much further along than I am in my bankroll building. I do try to update the blog at least 5 days a week, though this past two weeks I have been swamped with family, and I have not played really at all. I would love to see your thoughts on the blog. Just a little brief history. I missed getting to play poker so in November of 2004 I decided to give it a shot. My wife and I agreed that I would not use any of "our" money to build a bankroll, so off to the freerolls I went. Once I won some money, I started with .05/.10 and off to the races I went. I am extremely careful with my bankroll because I do not want to start over. My wife has been extremely supportive of my play. Now with me family comes first, work second, poker third. Will that get me to 100k this year? No. If I had to predict I think I will finish in the 40-50k amount. I know that I will get to 100k eventually, and then beyond. I don't see me quitting my job over poker. I view it as a profitable hobby. If I can get to the point where I play in the big weekend events that you guys track every week plus a few WSOP events each year I will have reached my goal. Well that is all I have for now. Thanks for inspiring me Fox, and for your kind words here. Good luck to all of you.

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